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    I have to give these guys credit where it is due.

    I took a fair while making my decision to change to Web Hosting UK as I had been disappointed with the last few I had tried.

    These guys chatted and emailed me every day for a week answering my many questions, ok you could say they wanted to clinch the custom, fair point, however....

    Since I joined web hosting uk I have still bombarded them with emails as I am no techno geek, I make wedding stationery and need a platform to sell them other than that I am useless..

    I can honestly say these guys have the patience of Saints.

    Their CPanel has so many options for you to build a site with, from the really complex to the darn right simple.. I opted for the simple RV SiteBuilder

    Honestly if you are looking for web hosting company I really would recommend this one, their customer service is way above anything I have known with other companies. I have never had a question ignored or go answered & I have submitted a few..

    Thanks to all of you at Web Hosting UK for you unrelenting support

    Special thanks must go to:

    Harry & Gregg..

    (did not know we could name individuals but seen many have)

    Lesley M
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    Hello cyster

    to forums. Thanks a lot for appreciating our service. Customer satisfaction being out top priority, we will continue to provide with the best of web hosting solutions.
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