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Great support from Shawn

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  • Great support from Shawn

    Hi guys,
    another day with webhosting after more than 4 years with 3 servers and lot of domains and once again time write good things about those fantastic, serious, and really tech guys.
    This time my post is for Shawn a great guy.
    Thanks a lot for his support to solve some issues about my invoices and to understand what's happened in my account.
    I knew that i was in the right place with the right company from many times but after today i'm really sure that there's no better place where we can grow as we want.
    I've reached my goals with their support and i'm sure that i will be there in the next years
    Thanks to them for their precious time spent to help us for each issue or trouble that we could face or that we will face in future

    Thanks you a lot Shawn and thanks a lot to all the others people who work there

    I also like to make my personal wishes to all of you for 2012 and i hope for u and for us that will be great and positive.

    Best regards

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    Hello Giorgio,
    to forum. Wishing you a happy new year. Thanks a lot for taking time for appreciating Shawn and As prompt customer service is our priority, we promise to maintain the same quality of service for the coming years as well.
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