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Spam email from my account on here!

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  • Spam email from my account on here!

    Ok, I have an account on here, I have a domain name registered .com &
    I have just received a spam email regarding my domain.
    I only have the domain, I do not have a website yet, no on in the world knows of this domain and my email address except you guys!
    The spam email was from [email protected]
    Virgin wont let me go on the website as it says "Look out! Virus safe has blocked this account!"
    The email wants me to buy Google admission for $75.

    Now I'm not stupid and am internet savvy but my point here is how did these scammers get my email address & linked domain name when only you guys on here know what I'm up to??

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    When you register a new domain, your personal details get automatically listed on Whois Public Internet Directory. This directory can be accessed by anyone and is the reason you received the spam email. This is the site: