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Thanks to Ronnie V and Matthew

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  • Thanks to Ronnie V and Matthew

    I wanted to move My logo on My website from photobucket to My web hosting, but could not manage to do it Myself, so I asked for help, and wow return email all done for you Christine logo moved, now that's what I call a fantastic service, and also thank you to Matthew for yesterdays help,

    What a wonderful group of folk thank you all.


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    Hi Christine to WebHosting UK forums

    The after sales and support are in my opinion pretty excellent here, and as you have demonstrated, help is available for those who ask. The forums are useful too for support, but don't be afraid to call on support if you need it - after all, that is part of the package you are paying for too


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      Thank you for the welcome Mr TWS,

      I have to agree with you that the service is outstanding, one of the reasons that I have a link to them on My own forum they certainly excel with the help, My last hosts were in a way unhelpful they thought that you should know what you are doing, but for some like Me it's a case of trial and error, and after destroying two forums in My attempts I stopped using cpanel, but here they have given Me a bit of confidence to try again, and with their guidance I am getting there, and am looking for more info in how things should be done.



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        Hi Christine,

        Many thanks for your honest feedback on the experiences you have had with our support team and thank you for putting our website details on your forum.