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  • Great support everytime ready to help us

    Another opportunity to say "Great Partner with an Upper Case P"

    Two days ago ,and thank in advance to Michael of the VPS team support, he had set my shared ssl on my new domain.....after all the test to check it i'm gone to sleep and all the things works really fine.
    After 14 our the domain was missing.... "just a little issue i had think" and i choose to wait some our but nothing to do,the domain was "desaparecido"

    This night Michael gave my call and in a really short time has resolved the problem that depending from the DNS that was goes in Holidays but about this little story for one time again i can say "You're the best provider of Web Hosting Services with the best support that i found in my life"

    Thank you for all and also when my personal network that will hosted on my VPS hosting that i bought by you i'm really happy to insert on my network without my referral link but with you direct link to involve the customers around the world to choice a really good partner and also i'm very happy to inform you too that i want to give you one year of free advertising on my network with banner,textual link, announce of any type, directory and many other advertising solution just for you really good services

    And also a really really THANK YOU to MICHAEL OF THE VPS SUPPORT SERVICE kind person and really patience



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    Good on you Michael and the VPS support team. Good work guys, keep it up
    "Don't be so open minded; your brains might fall out"


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      Hi Giorgio,

      We sincerely appreciate your feedback. Your suggestions and feedback helps us to improve our service. I've forwarded the thread to our VPS team.

      Also, thanks for the promotion and advertisement. Hope you will stay with us for many years to come. Enjoy your stay with us.


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        Thank you at you guys

        Hi James,
        I really appreciate too your post and I'm very happy of my choice and also i would like to inform you that i'm developing a large network that implements from 15 to 30 domains that we will buy from you in the next month with SSL.
        At the end of this month the Head of the Network( should be ready to run and in few month all the other domains will be set on the vps.
        We want to create a really good service for all the italian customer and expand our range of services in Europe in a few month,we're working hardly every day to creating a defined area of domains by languages that working on the same area(advertising) and serve to all the customers that need a better services,and that they knows our seriously, the better service that we provide as you doing
        I hope that my dreams come truth....but to do it I MUST having a really strong and brilliant partner......I fell I say...that i found that for I'm looking for in WEBHOSTING.UK.COM

        Thanks Guys

        Excuse me for my english i hope to learn a better grammar really soon.....
        Would you like to teach me a really good english .....No it's a let's go ahead......have a nice day guys