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does not respect the customer!

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  • does not respect the customer!

    I am customer of since 2010, however in December 2015 hired a VPs and now the same VPS they are offering the panel "Plesk Web Admin" for free and 25GB BACKUP for free.

    In my VPs "VPS STARTER" I paid 2 monthly by the panel "Plesk Web Admin" and paid 3 monthly for 10GB backup.

    I contacted the billing sector requesting the monthly discount on my invoice 2 relating to Plesk Panel and also asked to remove my backup 10GB which paid 3 and adding the free backup 25GB, however the billing sector not of importance to older clients!

    I should get a monthly discount in my invoice of 5 referring to my plesk panel and my backup plan I paid monthly and is now free!

    Jean Paulo

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    Although some one from their staff would be able to comment on this better. What you are asking for sounds very unfair! What if the price increased by 5 GBP on the package you are using and they asked you to pay more? Only because they have a deal now on their new plans and new servers, you asking them to offer a discount on an old node and old package doesn't sound good to me. No offense here but this is just my point of view