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  • WHUK - New Security Bridge

    Recently we have implemented a new security bridge for our clients’ security to protect their details and crucial data, etc…

    So whenever any of our clients initiate a live chat / phone call we first ask for a registered email address to locate proper account. Second, before assisting further, we ask security pin to verify owner of the account to avoid any fraud attempt to access the account.

    For this security verification, you will have to generate a security PIN and generate your question from your billing panel.

    • Login to your account
    • Click on Account Details
    • Go to Security Setting

    Step 1 – Go to account details:

    Step 2 – Check Security Settings:

    Once you provide us the security PIN or security answer that matches to your account then we precede further for assistance.

    This security expires after every three months, which means after every three months you need to reset your new PIN and new Security answer.

    This ensures that we maintain a high level of security when servicing your account; we have implemented these new security steps to protect your details. This change adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorised account access and helps to protect your personal data.

    Ronal Brown
    Billing department
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