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How to setup recurring payments at WebhostingUK ?

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  • How to setup recurring payments at WebhostingUK ?

    Recurring Payments:

    Recurring Payments are nothing but the Automatic Credit Card Billing. It is a time saving concept.

    Recurring payment is a feature that allows the service provider to charge a customer at regular intervals. You just need to set the recurring payment/subscription while making the first payment for any particular service. Once this done, the next renewal payments will be automatically processed by the system.

    For instance, Lucy has set up a recurring payment of 50 GBP / month on 1st October. Hence, Lucy will be charged 50 GBP on 1st of every month. The payment can be for some membership fees, insurance, utility bill or subscription.

    This feature is quite helpful as you do not have to keep reminding yourself about paying your dues on or before the due date. The payments are automatically processed every month.

    Looking for recurring payment options at WebhostingUK? Here they are:

    1. Subscription at PayPal
    2. Direct debit at Gocardless
    3. Recurring payment at Worldpay/Futurepay.
    4. Standing order at Bank.
    ================================================== ======================

    As a webhostingUK customer, you can set a recurring payment by selecting the payment method from the options available on the invoice page.

    1. Subscription at PayPal:-

    If you have Business or Premier account at PayPal, you will be able to setup the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for your services.
    You will be able to create a subscription at PayPal as a WebhostingUK customer. For this, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps:
    Login to Client area >> Click on Billing >> Manage invoices >> View details >> Select PayPal as the mode of payment >> Click on "PayPal Subscribe".

    2. Direct debit at Gocardless:-

    Gocardless allows you to setup the direct debit for the services you order.
    Gocardless usually takes 7 - 8 days to process the payment. In case of Gocardless, the amount is debited from the customers bank account. It is transferred over to Gocardless account. Gocardless processes the payment to Webhosting UK's bank account as soon as possible. The entire process consumes 8 days.
    Client can setup a direct debit using the below mentioned steps:
    Login to Client area >> Click on Billing >> Manage invoices >> View details Select Direct debit as the mode of payment >> click on Setup direct debit.

    3. Recurring payment at Worldpay/Futurepay:-

    Worldpay/Futurepay allows you to setup the recurring payments for the renewal of the services you ordered.
    You can setup the recurring payment while making the payment from the client area. You will need to follow the below mentioned steps:
    Login to Client area >> Invoice page >> Credit/Debit card >> Recurring Payment Agreement >> Create agreement

    There is also an alternative method to setup the recurring payment through Worldpay/Futurepay.
    Login to Client area >> Billing >> Recurring Payments Settings >> Click on "Create agreement" >> Select payment type "Recurring Payment Agreement" and proceed further.

    4. Standing order at Bank:-

    If you don't want to make a credit/debit card payment and want to make payment on regular intervals using Bank Transfer, then the Standing order will be the best option for you.
    You can set up the "Standing order" at your bank with the particular amount and Date. In this case, you will need to add a specific "Reference" for the payment. On the particular date that you have set, the amount will be transferred from your bank account to ours. Through Reference ID, the payment can be traced easily.

    If you have any queries in this regards, you can contact Billing Department.

    Lucy Smith,
    Webhosting UK