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  • Need Free Billing Software!

    Hello Team,

    I am an existing client of WHUK with a VPS xLite server and I am planning to become a reseller. So I want to know if I can get any free billing software installed on my server so that I can send invoices to my clients?

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    Hello SparkFusion,

    PhpCoin is free billing software that can be installed on your server within few clicks by using softaculous through your cPanel control panel.


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      Yes indeed, phpCOIN is quite good billing application I have been using it since I started my career in hosting. It is designed for small to medium sized webhosting resellers but can now be used by any type of business. It's purpose is to present information to a potential (or existing) client via misc content, provide an interface for collecting client and order information, direct the client to a "pay link" for billing, and provide a means to monitor these items.


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        I'd recommend you to try WHMCS. Its one of the best billing softwares I have ever seen. Very user friendly with a nice decent interface.


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          Even I have been using phpCOIN for sending invoices to my clients as I am a reseller, however I was planing to upgrade the PHP version on my server but it seems that the phpCOIN is only supported on PHP versions below 5.3.

          And as it was necessary for me to upgrade my version of PHP on my server so I had to consider a license copy of a WHMCS.


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            WHMCS and ClientExec are the best but you can also try using BoxBilling free edition having certain limitations. If you want to use advance features then you can opt for it's paid option which is having more features and options for better billing management.
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              WHMCS is really best billing software...


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                Since you are only starting out as a reseller now, PHPCoin should be good to get you started as it is free. Once your business gets going, you build a good customer base and daily transactions start to increase, then a paid option like WHMCS makes sense.


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                  I completely agree with Ryan. Once your business is set and your customer base increases you can consider to opt for any of the paid Shopping Carts. Until then you may start with PHPCoin.



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                    Yeah phpcoin is good but then not many updates and troubleshooting help is available. It will be the better to opt for a paid one. Sooner or later you will plan to move to a paid billing software anyway, so better to choose one now


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                      Did any one here manage to get a free billing system? I am behind one for now and looking for real reviews for PHPcoin.

                      Any suggestions please post here.


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                        Free billing software

                        You may select one of the following




                        phpCOIN is a free WebWare package originally designed for web-hosting reseller , it helps resellers to handle client orders, client notes, helpdesk, and invoices.

                        BoxBilling a complete client management free billing software.

                        TheHostingTool aims to provide clients with next generation power to manage their account.

                        When a client has newly started reselling and does not want to purchase licensed billing software right away the free option available would be fine but latter when there is a need the Reseller can opt for the paid license billing software


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                          I have found that there is Boxbilling which you can check. It's Powerful yet a very simple Billing platform. It can be very easily integrated with your ordering website. You may want to check their site for more information and see what all features it offers.


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                            Yes Boxbilling is indeed a free billing software. They are being used by some big companies. It supports automated billing, invoicing, product provisioning. It also automatically creates hosting accounts and suspends when overdue. They have a Powerful API. I highly recommend you check it.