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What is EPP Code and where can I find it?

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  • What is EPP Code and where can I find it?

    What is EPP Code?

    EPP Code Stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol which is alpha-numeric code required to transfer domain from one registrar to another registrar. EPP Code is also known as Authorisation Key Or Transfer Secret Key.

    Authorization (or EPP) keys/codes are generated by the current registrar and verified through the global registries for validity. Authorization (EPP) keys are a security code required by the registry for domain transfer, thus are unique to every domain name. No two EPP/authorization keys are the same, thus if you are transferring more than one EPP domain, you will need to obtain each domain’s specific code separately for the security reasons.

    EPP key is one of the security precautions to protect your domain being transferred illegally. If anyone other than your registrar requests your EPP Key, you should ensure that you validate the request.

    EPP domains: (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .cn,,,, .cn, .tw, and .in)

    1) Above mentioned domain TLDs require an EPP/authorization key for transfer.

    2) Only Current registrar can generate EPP Code which is automatically sent to Registrant email address of a domain.

    3) Gaining Registrar initiates transfer request for the domain with the EPP/authorization key provided by the customer. This request automatically goes to Registrant and Administrative contact email address. Once domain transfer request is accepted, domain is transferred successfully within 5-7 days under new registrar account.

    In order to transfer a domain between registrars, a domain must meet the following requirements:

    1) Domain must be unlocked and should be 60 days old from the date being registered or transferred .

    2) Registrant and Administrative contacts should be valid to approve transfer request.

    2) A domain must be in “ACTIVE” or “OK” status. If a domain is in “REGISTRAR-LOCK”, “REGISTRAR-HOLD”, “REGISTRY-LOCK”, “REGISTRY-HOLD”, "EXPIRED", “REDEMPTION PERIOD” or “PENDING DELETE” status, the global registries will not allow registrar transfer.

    3) Domain contacts should respond to verification mail because domain cannot be transferred unless transfer request is approved which goes to Registrant and Administrative Contact email address.

    Please note that Domains cannot be transferred without an EPP Code. In short EPP/authorization key plays major role for transferring domain from one registrar to another registrar. EPP Code is not required for UK Domains as UK Domains are transferred by changing IPS TAG only.

    In case of any queries please contact [email protected]

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    Hey Laura!
    Thanks for the information. It is well knowledgeable post!!!

    It will definitely help to get rid of any kind of confusion related to .com, .org and other domain transfers.



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      EPP Code for a domain name

      ICANN regulations, a verification email or fax transfer authorization is also required.The concept was followed to protect and secure the transfer of the domain names between two registrars for some selected extensions.

      The EPP code can be gained/obtained from the Domain Registrar. Each domain registrar has a different panel to manage the DNS and the Whois records for a registered domain through them. Mostly, you can seek the EPP code under the tab - MANAGE in the control panel provided by the domain registrar.

      Please note that EPP codes are case sensitive. If you are having difficulties gaining the EPP Code/ Authorization Key for your domain from your current registrar in regards to transferring the domain, you can contact ICANN to help you transfer the domain name.

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        If anyone other than your registrar requests your EPP Key, you should ensure that you validate the request.


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          Push domain name

          when you change your Web hosting and want to transfer your domain name also to the new hosting provider and if your new host asks you to push your domain name to their given customer Id (i.e. domain registrar provided) instead of domain transfer. It means that the old host and the new host are having are having same domain registrar.


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            EPP, IPS , Push

            Extensible Provisioning Protocol or EPP is code required to transfer the domain name from one registrar to another. Some domain names require Internet Provider Security (IPS) tags/ IPS tags used with .UK domain names. Two companies involved in the domain transfer are under the same registrar then then domain name will be to the pushed to the given customer ID of the new hosting provider.


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              Select the domain for which you want to get an EPP code. Click on the Manage Domain button. Manage a Domain; Select the Management Tools tab