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How much money can I make if I refer a client?

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  • How much money can I make if I refer a client?


    Do you know how many providers provide an affiliate program? and how much commission they provide?

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    Actually it totally depends on the affiliate program owner. They will decide how much commission we can afford if anyone purchases the service or product from someone's referral link.


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      Most affiliate networks typically pay between 5% and 15% of the successful conversion of leads into sales from a given link. However, many sellers offer lower commissions, particularly in highly competitive product segments. The majority of sales may result in a one-time payment; however, depending on the type of product or service sold, some referrals may earn recurring payments. Recurring payments are most common in subscription-based products and services.

      When the commission amount on each sale is small, the seller sets a minimum payment threshold, such as $50 or $100. The affiliate partner continues to refer customers, and his commission continues to accumulate until it reaches the minimum threshold amount. Only after the total earnings reach a minimum threshold set by the brand is the payment made.


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        I have also searched some of the data of Affiliate program:

        The online affiliate marketing success mantra
        • Be patient because it takes time.
        • Choose a product in which you have faith.
        • To diversify, have more than one appealing product.
        • Conduct market research to determine product demand.
        • Choose an advertiser who meets your specifications.
        • Select the best web platform and design.
        • Provide useful product and service information
        • Improve your content for..