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  • My experience with promoting affiliate programs

    I am a full time affiliate marketing person, in my initial days of affiliate marketing I was spending hours and hours to promote affiliate business but unfortunately I used to end up with zero sales. This was really frustrating at times but I didn't give up, I learnt from my mistakes. I was always curious to know what other affiliates are doing, how they are making more business, what strategies have they implemented ? These are few questions which arise in the mind of every affiliate marketing person. People spend years and years to find out the answers, many people succeed but most of the people give up and quit. Every year the affiliate business is scaling new heights. In the coming years, the amount of internet users would drastically increase and so will the affiliates and the affiliate business. If you really want to earn decent money through an affiliate program, you will have to dedicated at least an hour or two each day.

    To be a successful affiliate, you need to plan and execute few winning strategies.

    How to promote affiliate business ?

    As this is a Web Hosting forum, I will talk about web hosting affiliate business. Affiliate marketing is quite popular among various web hosting companies. All renowned hosting companies have their own affiliate program, for ex: affiliate program, where an affiliate can earn up to 300 per sale. An online business can grow rapidly with the help of affiliates because affiliates are nothing but small authorized branches/gateways to a web hosting company. Affiliates divert the traffic coming on their websites/blogs to the web hosting company's website. There are some of the Free and Paid ways to promote affiliate business.

    If you have joined affiliate program and if you are planning to make the most of your affiliate campaign, then you can implement the below mentioned techniques to forward potential clients to To promote any affiliate business, we firstly need to identify the market and the target clientele. If you are promoting any clothing brand then you should make sure that you are promoting the brand on right websites and presenting it in front of the right clientele. If you try to promote a clothing brand on web design or web development sites, then it would not make any sense. Identifying the right audience and the platform is of utmost importance in affiliate marketing.

    In the online world many people would first like to earn something and then they would happily invest it. Here are few free and important guidelines and tips that would certainly help the beginners to promote affiliate program and earn great profits:-

    1. Webmaster Forums/Blogs - The best place to promote a web hosting business is webmaster forums and blogs. You don't need to be a technical expert to promote your affiliate campaign. You just need to have the basic knowledge of web hosting. In case of, you may refer their website, knowledgebase, blog and forum which is full of hosting information. You can add your affiliate link in forum signatures with a nice punch line which should not look like a spam. You may also directly recommend the hosting company in forums where required. Blog comments are also a good option to drive potential visitors to the hosting company.

    2. Website/Blog - If you own a website or blog then you can create a new page, highlighting the key features of the hosting company on that page and also adding a banner on the web page with the affiliate link. Blogs have become extremely popular, you can post unique content on the blog, write more about web hosting and add a banner in the header or side bar of the blog.

    3. Article Submissions - You may also promote the affiliate business through various article submissions websites like ezinearticles, articlebase, suite101 etc. You can write few good articles and submit it with your affiliate url. Submit the unique articles in well known article sites, once approved, you can submit the same articles in other article submission sites. You may also add your website url in the article or author info, so that your website also gets a backlink.

    4. Social Networking/Bookmarking sites - Build a strong profile on websites like facebook, twitter, digg, stumbleUpon etc. Join Web hosting, Web Development, Web Designers, Programmers, Technology etc groups on networking sites. You can promote your affiliate business through these groups as well. Also, start adding people who are part of these groups. For better response on networking sites, I have seen people making fake profiles. If you properly use the fake profiles then you can definitely make good business from it. I know few affiliates making good business through networking sites with the help of fake profiles, sorry I will not reveal the names though.

    5. Modify Affiliate URL - When you register for any affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate url. In case of, the affiliate url is like:-


    When you are promoting the affiliate business through other websites or blogs, it looks very lengthy and anyone can easily figure out that you are promoting an affiliate business. So its better to modify the affiliate url. If you own a website then its very easy to set up a redirect page in the root directory of your own site.

    To modify the lengthy affiliate urls, you will have to create a new page containing the following code:

    <meta http-equiv=refresh content="0;URL=">
    Enter your unique affiliate url immediately after URL=

    Save the page with a right name (for ex myhost.php) and upload it in the root directory of your site.

    The new customized url would be as follows:

    This looks shorter and more professional as compared to the original lengthy url.

    6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO is one of the best methods of driving potential visitors to your website. By following the above methods you can promote the affiliate business and at the same time you can build backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks help in driving traffic from search engines to your own website and the visitors from your website may click on the affiliate banner or text links and get redirected to the hosting company website. Few more ways of building backlinks are directory submissions, press release submissions, classified ads etc.

    7. Voucher Codes / Discount Coupon Codes - Before ordering any package, many users try to find out the voucher or discount coupon codes on the net. This could be an added advantage if you add such voucher or discount codes on your website. Also, try to find out if there is any limited period offer or special offer going on as this could also help in converting clients.

    8. Email Marketing - If you are planning to promote the affiliate through email marketing then make sure that you first have the list of people who are interested in the products which you are going to offer them. I know this could be a bit difficult to analyze but to overcome this, I would suggest adding an opt-in mailing list on your website by allowing prospects who come to your website to choose to receive a free newsletter. If the visitors subscribe for the newsletter, then you can easily promote the products, offers and voucher codes.

    9. Video Marketing - You can make few promotional videos for your own website or you can shoot your own video giving out information about the products and submit it to youtube, metacafe, google video, yahoo videos etc. Submit the video to as many such websites as possible. This would help to generate traffic, if the visitors come to your website through these videos, then possibly they may also go to the hosting company website by clicking on the banner/text link ad present on your website.

    10. Favorites/Bookmark/Recommend This Site - Add these options on your website, these are quite effective.

    Paid Advertisement Options :-

    Once you start earning good commissions from your affiliate program, you may go for the paid promotion options. This would help you to take your affiliate campaign to the next level. Here are few paid options that would certainly help affiliates to promote affiliate program and earn incredible commissions:-

    1. Banner / Text Link Ads - You may purchase banner or text link ads on various webmaster, web designer, hosting reviews, directories, blogs etc. This would help you to drive potential traffic to the hosting company website.

    2. SMS - Blackberry, iPhones and PDA's have become pretty common and these are used by almost every second person these days. Many people access websites, emails through their phones. You can save your affiliate url with a short description in your cell phone. You will have the affiliate url with you all times on your mobile device. You can forward the affiliate url to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

    3. Ads on Social Networking Sites :- You can create paid ads on various social networking websites for example in facebook we can see the ads on right side bar. If we click on those ads, we get redirected to that particular website. There are many social networking sites which have an option to create such ads.

    4. Pay Per Click (PPC) - This is one of the very effective ways to drive targeted traffic to a particular page of your website. You may use the page where you have written some information about the products or offers. Though there are many PPC programs, you may consider the renowned ones like Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter etc. You should select the keywords carefully, and also include few long tail keywords in the list. You can define a daily budget for this program. To checkout the response you may start with 5 per day.

    5. Business Cards - Include your website url on the business cards, many people often forget to add their website url on the business cards.

    6. Stickers - You can put a logo or picture with your website url on your car or motorbikes. This can also attract good amount of visitors.

    The above listed techniques are effective if executed properly. The fact is that if you want to really earn good commission, you must do everything to promote the affiliate business.

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    Very nice information provided to promote the affiliate program. Thanks for providing the very nice information.
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      You are welcome, if you have any questions please feel free to post it here.


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        @ affiliateseeker Wow . You have written the post so well that you have cleared all our droughts.There are many ways to promote our affiliate program , but how can i know if some one else is also promoting my link or not. If i am promoting on some other websites how could it tracked i don't know. One more question i have is there are other way of getting check if i don't have an paypal account

        can any one help me in video marketing ideas or steps, how can i promote my video with many of the video sharing websites.


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          Useful info, some really good tips, putting these in practice is also free so thanks for sharing.


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            Oh.. wow.. that's a pretty big and useful article. The two most important things in affiliate marketing business are Good communication skill and Convincing power. If you have these two important and powerful things nobody can stop you from getting success in the affiliate business.


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              Along with the communication skill and convincing power, there are other things that should also be considered. Having good contacts in the industry and their trust on you is equally important to get potential customers. Also, right marketing strategies is also crucial to get success in the affiliate marketing. Nowadays, social networking has become the best platform for online businesses and affiliate marketers.


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                I liked the information about the stickers. One has to use only best tips suitable for our every day life. This is a very helpful method of attracting people. You can attract different people, of different age, who wouldn't perhaps be interested in such kind of things.


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                  Article submission is good only in private networks after Panda update.
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                    In my opinion, creating a blog and promoting the affiliate links is one of the most easy and effective way of earning money online. Banners and contextual links can be easily promoted through blogs. However before proceeding with this it is essential to get a good ranking for your blogs.


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                      I know I am a bit late to the party but threads like these need to be updated as marketing evolves. Many of the marketing methods the OP has mentioned do not work as of today as the quality of leads do not back out for the advertiser.
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