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  • WHUK Community Forum Rules

    WHUK Community Forum Rules

    The WHUK forums have grown at a steady pace over the years. And we are thankful to all of you for being a part of it during all this while. In order to continue this trend and with a perspective of offering the best experience for our readers, contributors and members, we are now required to add in a set of rules and expect every registered member to adhere to them. This is ofcourse with the best interests for everyone here and we are sure that this move would be appreciated and taken in the right spirits. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our forum administrators or moderators.

    Forum Guidelines

    The core purpose of WHUK Forums is to facilitate discussions amongst our users about different aspects that are crucial for them, primarily with regards to the web hosting services used by our customers for building and managing their websites.

    This is WHUKs official community forum, where users can ask for support, report service related issues, indulge in discussions regarding web server & hosting technologies etc. Despite that, wed still encourage you to make use of our Live Chat or HelpDesk to seek assistance to your server related issues and problems.
    Though wed try and answer to your queries and share our knowledge related to web hosting and server management, but we do not commit to offering an efficient web hosting technical support via. means of this forum for more than one reasons.

    By registering and using this forum, you agree to adhere to our forum rules. We usually do not delete messages/replies based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we do reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without the necessity to giving any explanations to you or to anyone.

    General Rules & Guidelines
    • Difference of opinions, debates and discussions are a part of communication, but wed appreciate if it is carried out in a polite manner. A reply should not sound rude, insulting, targeted, personalized, inflammatory, combined verbal attacks etc. Itd be our decision to either restrict (temporary or permanent depending on the situation) users from posting onto the forums, and would not entertain any challenges to that.
    • We expect our members to refrain from posting single worded or one liner replies merely with an intention to increasing the post counts. Meaningless & irrelevant replies to threads are ofcourse a big NO.
    • Copy-Paste material would be deleted without notification. If a user keeps repeating this for more than three times, it might result in a permanent ban.
    • Trolling, advertising, spamming is not allowed here. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, picture comments and private messaging to spam other members area.
    • Users must wait for a 12 hours before bumping posts. If you have posted a troubleshooting inquiry about your server/hosting package and expect an instant action to be taken, please use our 24x7 Live Chat service which can be found at the footer of this forum.
    • Posts, comments, pictures, referring links, etc. that are or lead to sexually explicit content would not be allowed. Users doing this would be immediately flagged and listed under blacklist of users, which also means that the user would be banned permanently from using the forum.
    • Trading or selling of goods, products, licenses etc. that are either pirated/legal/illegal, and/or intellectual property would be considered as a violation over the forums.
    • Each user is allowed to have a single account. Multiple registrations would result in deletion of all or particular accounts. Depending on the intensity of crime, a warning may or may not be issued before the ban.
    • Comparisons and reviews about competitors are welcome over the forum, but users need to ensure that those arent blatant adverts or linking to other hosts and their official forums.
    • The right to removal of offensive threads/replies would be under full authority of WHUK which would be undeniable and unquestionable.
    • All posts and replies must be in English.
    • We would not tolerate discussions about company policies. If you ever come across something and wish to talk/discuss about, you are duly requested to follow the right channels and the correct mediums, this forum is definitely the place for that.
    • Moderator or Administrator actions cannot be a topic of discussion over the WHUK forums.
    • Affiliate or referral links (WHUK or any other) or posts asking for referrals are subject to instant removal.
    • Support tickets, server login details, website login details are confidential affairs, hence users must refrain from posting here and remember this to be a public forum. We would not take any responsibility in case of disruption of your server/website in that case.
    • Posting threads in appropriate sections of the forum isn't expected from a tenured user of the forum. So ensure that you are posting replies/creating new threads in the appropriate sections of this forum.
    • Weve taken an utmost care when listing down the rules and have tried to cover most commonly faced issues, but due to the wide extent of online frauds, we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are kept clean.
    • We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our support forums are a privilege and not a right. Though if its a customer who was banned for some violation would still have access to the support system.

    Advertising on WHUK Forums
    • Users are not allowed to post threads/replies/private messages or emails to other users over WHUK forums with an intention to advertise or sell products, services, goods of any kind. If you are to promote your business, you can update your business name as signatures.

    Note : Signatures containing links to our competitor websites would be considered as a violation to the rules.

    Signatures Rules & Guidelines
    • Having a signature text and linking it to your commercial website is acceptable, provided it isnt a competitor website offering the same or similar services as WHUK.
    • Signatures containing links to any affiliate systems or programs offered by us or our competitors or any money making schemes would be considered as a violation on this forum.
    • Promotional text about your commercial services or products is acceptable, but please ensure that you dont mention prices. Keep it professional and not something that looks or/is spam.
    • All signatures must be made in English

    Note : Text or Links to commercial website(s) related to drugs, sex, pharmacies etc. isnt allowed.

    Signature Size
    • Signatures must only contain text, images would not be allowed.
    • A maximum of 3 lines are allowed with normal sized text.
    • Animated images within the signature are disabled

    • Custom avtars are allowed

    Affiliate Programs

    WHUK runs its own affiliate program as youd be aware. Users can advertise our products and services on their websites and earn referral commissions on each sale resulting from the link. Well, but you are not allowed to use your affiliate links on WHUK forums to generate a sale, even if you do, itd be detected by our systems and would not count under your account, so why waste your valuable time if it isnt going to yield anything to you.

    The rule is applicable to all links referring to any affiliate programs and not restricted to WHUKs affiliate program. Users found doing this would be banned without any notice.

    Reporting a post or a reply on WHUK forums

    Wed appreciate if you do not start a new thread for reporting some content that you feel is offensive or is something that violates the rules of the forum. Instead you can just click the buttons located immediately after a particular post stating: 'Add an infraction' or 'Report Post'. Wed instantly get notifications about the action taken by you and should help us investigate the case.
    Wed keep the information of the reporter confidential whatsoever. Your participation would greatly help us in keeping the forum clear from spams and other irrelevant/inappropriate content.


    The administrators and moderators of WHUKs Forum Community would try their best to keep any objectionable content off this forum, but itd be highly impossible for us to review all messages every time.

    The replies posted on this forum would be the views and opinions of the particular user and would have nothing to do with any members from WHUK (Webhosting UK Com Ltd.). No one from the WHUK team would be held responsible for the content posted by authors over the forums.
    By choosing to use the forum, you agree to abide by these rules and refrain from posting any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.

    WHUK reserves complete right to remove, edit, move or close any threads.

    Staff Disputes

    Any sort of dispute with the WHUK staff is handled privately. If you have any concerns in this regards, we request you to please drop an email at feedback[@] . We assure you that every necessary investigation would be carried out and an appropriate action would be taken.

    * We reserve the right to update and modify these rules to help the community have the best experience. There would be no obligations with informing the members in this regards.