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A few Advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.

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  • A few Advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.

    Please explain this!

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    We can't even imagine modern life without smartphones. These days, people are reliant on their phones. We use our phones for everything, even simple calculations and checking the time. Newborns also require phones to eat meals and watch cartoons. TV no longer piques their curiosity.

    Our lives have quickly transformed thanks to smartphones. Our lives have become easy with smartphones. Before, contacting someone required writing a letter and waiting for it to be delivered, which added time to the process. Today, however, we do not need to waste time composing letters. We only need to dial a phone number to speak to that person directly.

    According to statistics, about half of the population owns a smartphone. Can you imagine, 93% of youths these days believe smartphones are more essential than toothbrushes and deodorants? It has been observed people check their smartphones every 6.5 minutes.

    Can you imagine your life without a smartphone? I know your answer would be a big NO…It seems impossible, right?

    I know owning a smartphone makes your life very exciting and systematized. But at the same time, we also have to accept its drawbacks too.

    So, let us discover its advantages and disadvantages:


    1) Easy communication- The first and most important advantage of a phone is communication. The only reason why the phone was introduced. We can contact our loved ones at any time and from anywhere in the world. It has created an opportunity for instant connections between people all over the world through SMS, text messaging, calls, video chat, and applications.

    2) Internet surfing- Then comes the second most important work why we use smartphones. To surf the internet. Using the internet you can explore the whole world. You get every information on the net. According to a survey, 10% of the total time is spent by people on the internet, they open their browsers and search for information. You can use this for personal, professional, or educational needs.

    3) Applications- Smartphones have various applications that help in different ways. One can even count the footsteps they have taken, track their daily food, can do Google meetings, pay bills using phone pay and GPay, can do online shopping, order food etc. Your smartphone also works as a GPS device, you get directions to unknown places also. You can even find out where there is traffic and accordingly you can choose your way.

    4) Earn money through smartphones- You can earn money using smartphones. You can earn money by writing blogs, making YouTube videos, endorsing your business, and indulging in other events.

    5) Entertainment- One of the most important things for which you use smartphones is entertainment. You use it for watching movies, your favourite television show and videos on youtube, Facebook and Instagram, Listening to music and playing games for fun.

    6) Privacy- Smartphones have a locking system, no one can ever open your phone without your permission. You can block people if you don’t want to keep them on your list or if you don’t want them to text you and see your pictures. You can save your photos for lifetime memories. Save your personal information.


    1) Health issues- It has lots and lots of advantages but on the other hand, it has many drawbacks too. And the very main disadvantage is that it is impacting people’s health. It is not good if you continuously stare at the phone for long hours. It will surely harm your eyes and brain as well. People's personal lives will suffer if they are powerless to regulate how much they use their phones.

    2) Addiction- Addiction is the worst factor. If you get Addicted to smartphone usage, you prioritize it. You only want your phone and nothing else. If you get addicted to games you will always want to play them for no reason. Even if you have something important to do, you will not take that work seriously. Many people have lost their lives due to their addiction to games.

    3) Distraction- Phones easily cause people to become distracted. We are drawn there every time we hear the phone ring. You should always put your phone on silent and you should not receive calls while driving, as it may lead to an accident. Many schools and companies restrict the use of phones. 4) Uncensored Contents- The main drawback of easy access to data and the internet. Uncensored material, such as violent or pornographic information, may be seen by people, especially youngsters. Make sure your children's use of smartphones is moderated if you have children. This will affect them in a very bad way.

    5) Cost- This is also a factor to be considered, people more often change their phones just for the sake of fashion and trend. People want to have the newest brand. It is one type of superfluous asset.

    6) Risk of Data Loss- Sometimes we don’t save the information and we lose it. It is possible to recover the data but sometimes it is permanently deleted. You have to take care of your phone very well. If it gets damaged, you have to repair it and again it will affect your wallet. If your phone is stolen, information would no longer be private. Locking and deactivating your phone is crucial. Your phone will be disconnected if you notify your service provider that it is missing.​
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      Thanks for sharing such an informative article.


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        We should be very careful while giving our phones to our children. And have some privacy options.


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          Yes. That’s true.​


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            Everything has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Our usage of the item is entirely dependent on us.​


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              Well, it was a great piece of information. ​