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How to increase the performance of your web browser?

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  • How to increase the performance of your web browser?

    Clear your browser cache is the most common troubleshooting step. The Cache folder has a limited size and when you browse websites the browser tends to store the web pages in a folder called cache. When you visit the site for the second time, the browser speeds up the process by loading the pages locally form the cache instead of downloading the whole page again, this sometimes result in displaying older pages of the website.

    Over time, this process may result in the slowness of the browser as large amount of files are saved on your hard disc. These files may also contain data like your passwords, login details and other crucial information.

    Clearing the cache can improve the speed and performance of your browser and anyone who uses the same computer and the same browser will not see your private information. This is a good practice when you use your office or public computers.

    Note: - You may notice that the browser will take some time to load the websites when you try to browse them for the first time after clearing the cache. However the slowness is not negligible, this happens because the browser has to download the page again and store it in the cache folder.