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    Linux dedicated server is the one of the best server used in network. It has best performance than other server. Most of the people use dedicated serverthan other server. It is so useful in network. Linux dedicated server reduces the network traffic. It is easy to troubleshoot. Linux dedicated serv.

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    Well yes I kind of agree.

    But I think you'd have to be a little more specific.

    A linux dedicated server with a 2MB HDD and 256K of RAM isn't going to be the best in the world .


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      There are various advantages of hosting on a Linux server. The first one is that Linux is based on open source technology, therefore it does not need any licensing fees that might be required for the other operating systems. There are various reasons by Linux is one of the preferred choices when it comes to operating systems, apart from being affordable, Linux is compatible with the other software applications and operating systems.


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        While looking for a web hosting package that is capable of handling incoming traffic load along with being affordable, the Linux dedicated server is the best option for you. Linux dedicated server hosting provides with powerful features that enable business efficiency and facilitate business expansion. By hosting on a Linux dedicated server, you can be sure of the best return on investment.


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          Another good thing about choosing a Linux i.e. Open Source platform is the availability of multiple open-source (free) utilities which otherwise you'd have to pay a licensing cost.