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Any advice on uprading magento version?

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  • Any advice on uprading magento version?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me step by step instructions for upgrading magento (ecommerce script)?
    I usually ask support for help as I run into a brick wall every time, buy I need to figure this out so im not being a constant pest

    I have looked at the guide on the magento site, but not being too savvy with code its still confusing, so would like instructions in simple terms please.

    Or am I right to assume that I make ALL files and folders writeable, then upload the new version over the old?, I thought that this would however delete all current content on the site?

    Many thanks for any advice given

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    If you're really stuck I'd perform the upgrade on a test site (i.e. a copy of your production site). That way you can try different things and if they don't work you can always trash the test site and try again with another copy.

    Any file that is to be updated will need to be writeable I would imagine .