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  • Refresh option question

    If you already have a web page loaded, you need to select Refresh to see any changes since your visit. But here's my question: If a web page is stored in someone's browser cache, don't they sometimes have to hit Refresh for the updated version to display when they visit your site again? I've heard of this happening and would like to know if there's something in your web page's code that can be added so the current version is automatically displayed.

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    That's happened to me as well and I think it depends on the browser. That's why you see a notice on some websites reminding you to do a Refresh.


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      Don't most people clear their browser caches quite frequently? Once that is done, each webpage they visit should load completely. When that happens all of your updates should be displayed as you mean them to be.


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        This is how it should work. Visitor is on page, goes to another page, and then hits Back button. Now they will need to Refresh if you made a change since last visit minutes before. If they close the window and return later, it should refresh automatically.


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          Yes, you are correct. This is why sometimes some visitors may see an older version of a page that you have updated especially if they have visited your site before.

          The users cache will periodically update or they can clear it at which point the updated version of your website will show.

          Hope that helps .