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Help me upgrade magento?

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  • Help me upgrade magento?

    Hi all,

    I am hoping that a admin would please help me upgrade my magento site to the latest stable version.

    Yes I know it's 3rd party software but I am clueless on how to, despite searching. Although searching does throw up loads of results I'm still none the wiser on what to do.

    Thank you in advance
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    As far as I know, the first step to upgrade Magento is to check the current version of Magento you are using and which is the version is to be installed. You can then find the tutorial on Magento's forum. Make sure that you take the backup of the data on your hosting plan before upgrading Magento.


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      Hi Russell,
      Certainly we can update Magento for required version upon request just make sure we won't be able to assist you in case you start getting any error messages after upgrade. Better have backup of your current data and then request support staff to upgrade !
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        Thanks for the feedback Harry & Garry.
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          I've used Magento before but never administered it. Is there not an autoupdate option? Beware when updating Magento though as problems can arise if you have updated or modified core files and then you update - you can end up losing the changes that you have made.

          Always make a backup before you commence any installation .