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I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account

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  • I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account

    I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account

    It seems like I have lost my admin password to my wordpress blog. I tried to send a reset password message but I did not get any email notification. I kind of remember that the admin account in wordpress is a special case and that you cannot loose the password for that account. Is this right? Does this mean I will have to rebuild my wordpress from the ground up? I mean, will I have to reinstall everything?

    I found a web page that tells how to go into my database and change my admin password.

    It says:
    In the MySQL database:

    1.Go to wp_users and click “browse.”
    2.On the user_pass field, click “browse” and find the ID number associated with your login (there is usually only one) and click Edit.
    3.Select the password content and delete it. Type in your new password as you normally would.
    4.In the dropdown menu, choose MD5.
    5.Click Go or Save at the bottom of the screen.
    6.Return to the tab for your WordPress blog and test the new password. If it doesn’t work, start over.

    But this did not work.

    I noticed that all the passwords started with "$P$B". So I added these to the reset admin password.

    But this did not work either.

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    Hi Captain Xarzu,

    The procedure you are working to update any of your details from cpanel is absolutely alright. Just make a note that you click on edit button which is a "pencil" and update the password properly with the "MD5" option . I would like to recommend you to do the changes 1 more time and i hope that will defiantly help you.
    One more thing, make sure you select the appropriate database with correct user .
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      Resetting Your Password WordPress Codex


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        Hope you managed to sort this in the end Captain. It can be tough to recover a Wordpress installation but not impossible. You've got to ensure that you edit the right thing in the right place in the right database otherwise you can completely destroy the installation. Always ensure that you have taken a backup before attempting modifications such as these! .