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what is clocking in seo?

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  • what is clocking in seo?

    Guys do you have any idea regarding clocking, Is there any Search Engine Optimization technique known as clocking?

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    Even when the webmaster create a webpage it specially take that page for indexing in search engine, and then the actual service pages which has to be seen by people are maintained differently, this also comes under clocking. People also comment that ist one of the black hat Search Engine Optimization technique. What I have heard that it is something matching the color of links with background color of that particular webpage.
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      Not familiar with the term as each generation has its own dialect for certain techniques.

      There is a well known practice called 'CLOAKING' , whereby the content of a page is dependant upon the type of visitor. Search engines being presented with high ranking keywords, and actual human visitors being shown something entirely different.

      Not to be confused with javascript cloaking used to hide email addresses from harvester bots.


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        Hi Anderson
        I think it is 'cloaking' not 'clocking'. There is no such term like clocking in seo. Cloaking is presenting a different version of your web page to the search engine robots and a different one to the site visitors. This is done with the browser's user agent or IP address. Cloaking is mainly done to get a better rank in the search engines.
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          It's a deceptive method used to cheat search engines in order to rank well for desired keywords.
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