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  • Some of OFF PAGE SEO....

    * Directory Submissions There are thousands of free web directories online, you can use any of the free UK business directories, and there are also specific industry related directories that you can submit to.
    * Blogs A great way to build links into your site are to write blogs about your specific industry, it also gives users a reason to come back to your site if your content is of value to them.
    * Article Submission There are thousands of article websites online, similar to blogs, try and write articles about your industry and link the keywords you want to be found for back to your site.
    * Forums If you find a forum which discusses your industry then why not join the community and get involved in discussions. You can usually add two links in your signature, so this is a great way to build links. Every forum post is then worth two links back to your site, so the more you get involved, the more links will come back you your website.

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    I would like to add in this part that you can also work with some of the social networking websites like facebook, twitter,many more becoz social media marketing is growing by 50% as compared to last year which is one of the most important factor these days.


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      I prefer going with the external blogs or website advertisements to get some genuine hits as well as we can also work on the external offline promotions which is going to work for the website.


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        Forum Postings: Forum posting will be one of the most appropriate option available and can be worked.
        Photo Sharing & Video Promotions : A very new and emerging technique which will help to promote in many ways
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          Quality of back links is also worth mentioning as an SEO factor.

          For example signature tagging like my shameless bit of self promotion below for my current project is not as valuable as a link placed by another webmaster on thier own site.

          Submit to directories all you like but seriously folks when was the last time anybody here got a visitor referal from the likes of 'HotFrog' or similiar?


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            Another alternative would be...

            Try also search for boardreader or forum finder.

            That way you can also comment and at the same time post your backlinks too.

            But make sure it's related and not garbage.


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              All activities are beneficial for off page SEO. You people have to perform all of them for getting better results.
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                These are all good ways that will benefit the SEO of your website in most cases. Don't forget that building quality backlinks is always the best way but most often the hardest way. Try to produce regular new and unique content for your site and you're half way there.

                Also, join a good affiliate program and it may help you to make money out of your content .


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                  Absolutely! Unique content is the most essential aspect for online promotions. Moreover it is also essential to make the use of the right keywords. With the best content it will become easy for you to create an impressive online presence.


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                    Unique content is definitely the key, and is growing in importance by day.

                    SEO is declining a bit in importance recently. For example, things like recency and regular updates are now considered by Google .


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                      SEO is not really declining, but I would say it is changing. Now, the importance is given to content based backlinks as that are informative and valuable for the people. All the algorithm changes are focused on one thing – providing the best results to the people. Currently, it is important to work on gaining authoritativeness for your website.


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                        It’s true! Along with that social networking has also gained a lot of importance. All over the world, people are constantly checking their social networking profiles. You can create a business page on these websites and provide information about the products / services provided by you. You can also feature the offers or discounts. Work on growing your network gradually and through this, you will be able to create a great web presence.


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                          Absolutely, a few companies have even gone to an extent that they've started offering support to customer complaints over social networking sites. I think that's a good step that maintains transparency amongst customers and the prospects. But for implementing such a thing a company would need to be 100% sure about its services.

                          Not to mention the advantage that the competitors would seek by trying to contact the individuals and offer attractive packages to signup with them. A bit risky thing to do though.


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                            Linkbuilnd Page Canonization and more other stuff about SEO

                            All of you are really right about this concern.
                            We have also to take care to an important change that has been made in link popularity: once upon a time lol , google and other major search engine take care to choose many page in relation to its anchor tags in example i would like to have my page indexed under the keyword webhosting i/you typically use an anchor text related to it in example
                            HTML Code:
                            <a href="">webhosting</a>
                            and it should be great(except for competor pressure etc)until now, where seems that google algoritm has change into another direction: citation which is not really different but is generally something that use of a part of particular text/article to anchor our link which is stritly related to our domain or page or services
                            A simple example:"
                            HTML Code:
                            today is a great day to make some stuff on my <a href="">windows server 2k8 r2</a> coz there's a gentle breeze which feel me good"
                            .....just to not be beeped from linux lover
                            HTML Code:
                             today is a great day to make some stuff on my <a href="">linux CentOS server</a> coz there's a gentle breeze which feel me good"
                            (so we're fine lol).It seems exactly the same respect the first simple anchor text with webhosting but if you checking your link with some external free tools like Magestiseo and on moreother free tools online you will see that you will have a field named CITATIONS which expose exactly this tipe of information about how many link make a citation about a particular page and this particular page slowly will take more rank respect many other pages.

                            Take care of one important stuff: much more context is related to our service and much more page has high page rank much strong will be the relation to the anchor text.

                            I see more time many webmaster place link in forum which is not related to their products and this is the worst thing that they can do.

                            Also in google you may find lot of data about how rich-data and many other new tags become really important to appear in google pages and theris result.

                            Another importan stuff about linkbuilding that i personally thinks is ALWAYS ONE OF THE BEST PRACTICES to increas our popularity but only if our links respect some guide lines and only if other webmaster are really correct(i don't trust that all them are correct lol)

                            In this video google's expertise explain several important things about it

                            And in google's webmasters tools guideline you may tons of info about it work and how they work with our data.

                            Another stuff which today is must important thing is site perfomance more is slow more it could lost positions.

                            Al this stuff is not directly related to seo to but seems that is strictly related on how google choose pages to index.

                            I personally invity all you to make some check on your site with google tools to check your site performance, as per some info that i personally read in more articles we can loose our customer if pages take more than 4 second to show our content.

                            Here you may find some interesting tools that can help you to check your page perfomance and show you some important stuff to do to make it better:

                            Google Tools Page Insight FREE
                            GTMetrix Tool FREE



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                              Great information Giorgio !