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should i buy old domain ?

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  • should i buy old domain ?

    Hey guys,

    I just bought an awesome gaming domain that is 8 years old. I am wondering will that some how help me in the future with SEO fro my website and that will help me in my future seo stuff etc?

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    If it is 8 years Old domain name, it might have PR already. Yes, it should help in SEO. Google loves aged domains


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      Yep, the term is sand box. I believe there is a thread about that someplace around here. Search engines like Google have a sand box so they can give more priority for older domains.


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        I would say that would depend on the domain name. There are also ways to make up for not having an old domain name or dedicated server. You have to be a little more aggressive and patient. It really all comes to personal choice.


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          From the seo point of view you can buy that domain and as you said that it's almost 8 years old ,the domian age till date with in the search engine ranking also matters a lot .