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    I was going through some editing for my documents and while editing it was a nice and easy editing experiences and with some good small features with in the editors, i got to know there are some editors such as "VI","NANO" & "PICO" are some of the linux editors which are very helpfull to edit you documents with in the linux. I think this will defiantly help you too.
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    Nice info as i too like pico, it is also a package application that needs to be installed. People like me that grew up with the Wordstar word processor should have a reason to be happy about Joe, because the commands and interface of the Joe text editor is similar to Wordstar. So from a DOS-based experience, there will be no hassle learning Joe.


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      There's a huge list of such Linux editors which are widely used like vi, vim, joe, emacs, nano and pico etc...
      Personally i have used VI editor which is easy to use and is widely preferred.


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        I will personally recommend pico editor to you. It is the easiest editor to use when you want to edit the files. Ofcourse there are others like vi and nano which are also powerful editors and available with some advanced features.


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          vi editor is good and I will suggest using it. It is a standard editor when you are using Unix system. Extremely quick and simple to use.