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Need resources for HTML5

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  • Need resources for HTML5

    From few days I've been trying to learn PHP/MySQL . And in that time, HTML5 !!!

    Does anybody have any good resources for someone that was really good at the HTML4 but wasn't really paying attention for a while.What do you all think that should i move to the HTML 5 for my upcoming website.

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    HTML5 is a thing that i learn until my head blow up in these weeks. Arrgh it's really complicated and hard to understand. HTML5 Now a days a new technology and techniques growing up day by day. Web designers and developers are love to work this new and advanced technology.HTML5 is the advance and latest version of HTML and it has multiple new and fresh techniques than HTML. HTML, this is the basic programing language for start designing.


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      Hehe, petterm you are not alone. I have been trying to learn HTML5 and I have felt like my head might blow up as well. It is not what I expected it was going to be! I hope there is a good tutorial someplace!