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  • Google verification

    I have a very simple site which I built with a piece of sotware called PersonalWebKit. It doesn't allow you to get into the HTML. I want to verify my site but I don't know how to do any of the things Google says you can do. I know I ought to be asking Google and I will but I thought somebody here might have had this problem.

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    I would suggest you to add your site in google webmaster tools (, it will provide you with detailed reports about your pages visibility/crawling and indexing status, you can also diagnose potential problem if any.


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      Thanks for your reply. I think I've sorted it out now!


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        There are two ways of verifying your website on Google. First, you can insert the Google verification code in the head section of your template (which you can't do in this case). Otherwise you can upload a verification file to your hosting server and let Google bot crawl it.


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          Thanks for your help. mypaperwork-dot-co-dot-uk is actually a sub-domain of virtualbalance-dot-co-dot-uk so it is already verified. It's all sorted out now but thanks for your reply.