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    Hi, i have a couple of questions about HTML code that someone might know?

    1st Question,

    I have a main page with links down the left hand side and a couple of pics and a main logo along the top.

    The links open up in the main frame i have a problem where if i resize broweser window it deosnt keep its layout correctly. I know there is a simple bit of HTML code i can add that will make it correct size and layout whatever screen size and whatever browser size can anyone advise

    2nd Question is about the text layout does anyone have any tips about that for making it look neat and professional??

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, any chance of a link to your site/code?
    You need to either have a fixed width or a fluid width.
    If you want a fluid width where the page resizes to the browser window, then you need to set your code up to use percentages rather than pixels, so if you are using tables then set the width to 100%

    I find having a fluid width works fine if you don't use a lot of images everywhere and position isn't critical, but most sites i think use a fixed width nowerdays, usually set aroung 1000 pixels.

    It is rather difficult to give any real help without seeing your url.

    I'm sure there are many on here that will offer plenty of help if you post your address.