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I wish I had Ctrl, Alt + Delete ;)

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  • I wish I had Ctrl, Alt + Delete ;)

    Don't you wish when life is bad
    and things just don't compute,
    That all we really had to do
    was stop and hit reboot?

    Things would all turn out ok,
    life could be so sweet
    If we had those special keys
    Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

    Your boss is mad, your bills not paid,
    your wife, well she's just mute
    Just stop and hit those wonderful keys
    that make it all reboot

    You'd like to have another job
    but you fear living in the street?
    You solve it all and start a new,
    Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

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    Computer Screen
    A place to go when you need to escape.
    Another world awaits through the computer screen.
    Where friends wait with listening ears
    and comments to share.
    I have made many friends here.
    On a bad day my escape is just a click away.
    As I drift off into the computer screen
    blocking out the sounds around me
    I can be free


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      Click Click Click.. and i open the folder,
      Click me again and delete files older,
      Click me left or click me right,
      Click me on an adress to open a site..

      Scroll me up or scroll me down,
      You are my master, I am your clown,
      Just one slide of finger is enough for me,
      And I can also be set as button three.

      Though I am your servant, I have a servant of my own,
      Who does each and every command that I have thrown,
      You move me around and on the screen it moves too,
      The cursor follows all the commands given by you.