Dear Online User,

We are seeking your feedback about your online search experience with MSN, Yahoo and Cooqle.
Our hope is this process will help us meet and refine your expectations
and improve our services while you are searching online for products,
and services and to save you time and provide even better search experience in future.

The survey is user-friendly, do not require to complete any forms and you should be
able to complete it within 3-5 minutes or less.

Below we provide you with links to MSN,Yahoo and Cooqle with the same search terms.

By following links, you will get search results from those search engines and our goal is to determine,
which one will provide you with most relevant results for your area without explicitly disclosing your location.

We selected "auto insurance" as our search terms and
want to see if any of search engines will provide you with results related to your location.

We appreciate your willingness to participate and value your feedback.

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