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Weird Google's Logo !!!

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  • Weird Google's Logo !!!

    Hey, have you been at today ?

    Surprised with Google's logo !!!

    Well, as we know Google usually remixes its logo to celebrate notable birthdays, scientific achievements, world events and other key dates but today their logo seems very weird What you think ?

    Anyone here who can scan above barcode
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    Google's Marketing and Design Department are great in the way that they think of things to keep people interested.

    What's a better selling point that word of mouth, but it also drives hits to their site etc etc by the sheer fact that you see a new logo on google, and talk about it with others, who instantly go to check it out, pretty awesome tictac really.

    As for the barcode, I think you'll probably find it says google in Code 128, which is what bar codes are written in, and was invented 57 years ago. Much the same as they did with with the morse code google.
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      Not too sure just what to say? but yes it's true we are talking about it Hexo, very clever branding indeed, just gets everyone to look and see what's going on so more visitors, ingenious.


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        It's the 57th Birthday of the barcode today.

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          I remember when there's 2 l's the other day in Google's logo, making it Googlle.


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            I love Google's passion for never resting on their laurels. They deserve their status as the number one search engine in the world. I'm always learning something new when I click on one of their daily creations. Google...


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              Wasn't this Googles way of celebrating the anniversary of the invention of bar codes? I remember them doing this, but it was quite a while back from what I remember .


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                I bet so many times people get confused as to whether they are on Google or another site because Google sometimes changes their logo in a big way to mark an event, situation or anniversary. And I think you're right David, although you reminded me of writing an article regarding barcodes and how it is related to those QR codes for scanner devices and smartphones .


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                  Yeah, you've got to hand it to them though, Google have made Google Doodles legendary! .