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What made you Happy Today?

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    Well for me, it is the simple things that made me happy today

    I lived to see today, some people didn't, so I am thankful for life

    I am happy that I am not sick and I can more around freely. So many people are sick and are bed ridden, I am glad that, that is not the case with me.

    I am happy that my family and friends are in good health.

    I am happy because I have some very good friends, friends who will go the extra mile for me, friends who are always there for me.

    I am glad to be here at Webhosting UK. I have not been here for a while so I am very happy to be here.

    I wish you all the very best


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      my sons birthday


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        It made me happy what I just ate it was my favorite dish ever, !!!!

        Chickedn with fried potatos.!


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          Resolutions to keep

          I made a new year’s resolution for year 2015.

          Which is no resolutions until I make sure to fulfill them


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            Performance Bonus

            I received a bonus for my good performance. Yes I am going shopping this weekend to purchase the gadget which I wanted


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