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How to sleep at work?

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  • How to sleep at work?

    The best way to sleep at work at (

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    hahaha.....I would be shocked to see any of my colleagues do this type of stuff to get some sleep in the office but at the same time it would be interesting to know how they will carry themselves around with those weird styles. LOL.... thanks for the idea Paul, it will be useful when I wish to quit the job in a wierd way.
    "Don't be so open minded; your brains might fall out"


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      Yea, but you need to wear a hat outside and when your boss call you in his cabin.


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        Its only if possible to fool if you see from the front, but if you see from behind it is quite obvious that the person is sleeping. Well it depends where you sit in the office.But it is an excellent idea.
        You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom


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          Those are funny pics, I hope it's not real. Don't know about how much useful it will be for the sleeping purpose, but can be a good decoration design for those blonds, who want to hide it from others.


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            This is the real example;


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              sleeping at work

              Nice way to sleep at work. The hair dresser have to be given all the credit for such skillful hair cut.

              Hope it is not photo shop, the last one was the best for me