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  • Ho to Reboot System

    For cPanel & WHM 11.46

    (Home >> System Reboot)

    This area of WHM allows you to reboot your system. The method that you should select depends on the events which make a reboot necessary.

    Important: We recommend that you only reboot your server if you need to troubleshoot an issue that occurs when you start your server or when you disable SELinux.

    Forceful Reboot This method shuts down your computer regardless of what error(s) the server encounters. To begin this process, click Proceed.

    Important: We recommend that you reboot your system with this method rather than the physical reset switch (a hard reset). However, we strongly recommend that you perform a Graceful Reboot rather than a Forceful Reboot, because a Forceful Reboot can cause data loss.
    You should only use this method if the Graceful Reboot function does not work.

    Graceful Reboot This method allows the server to close any user-level processes and store data before it restarts. To begin this process, click Proceed.

    This method does not result in data loss.
    We strongly recommend that you use this method whenever possible.