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  • Tweak Settings - PHP

    For cPanel & WHM version 11.52

    ( Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings )

    Note:To configure additional PHP settings, use WHM's PHP Configuration Editor interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> PHP Configuration Editor).

    cPanel PHP max execution time

    This setting specifies the number of seconds that a cPanel PHP script can run before the system terminates it. This limit prevents poor server performance due to poorly-written scripts.

    This setting defaults to 90 seconds.

    cPanel PHP max POST size

    This setting specifies the maximum size, in Megabytes (MB), of a POST request.

    This setting defaults to 55 MB.

    cPanel PHP max upload size

    This setting specifies the maximum file size, in Megabytes (MB), that a PHP script may upload.

    The maximum value that you can specify is 2047 MB. This setting defaults to 50 MB.

    cPanel PHP loader

    This setting specifies the PHP loader through which cPanel & WHM executes internal PHP scripts.

    This setting defaults to none.

    Note:You may select more than one PHP loader.


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    spamming issue


    Some of my clients are sending bulk mails and creating spam on my dedicated server, please let me know how can i secure my server from bulk emails , any one please provide strong security tweak settings fro whm/cpanel server , is creating headache every day for ip black linting.