Fixed case CPANEL-3496: Security Questions error when logged in as reseller with root privs.
Fixed case CPANEL-3518: Cpmove files in / cannot be restored with restorepkg.
Fixed case CPANEL-3541: Cpanel::HttpRequest does not handle all http errors.
Fixed case CPANEL-3558: Print debug information on RPM hash mismatch.
Fixed case CPANEL-3581: Retry downloading RPMs when there is a digest mismatch.
Fixed case CPANEL-3593: Print IP address when sync fails due to bad digest.
Fixed case CPANEL-3545: Ext Auth must show webmail providers for email accounts if disabled for cpaneld.
Fixed case CPANEL-3547: Do not block upgrades for Amazon Linux.
Fixed case CPANEL-3551: Dynamicui Loader validation is too strict for third party plugins.
Fixed case CPANEL-3555: Failure to update bandwidth during account changes results in partial changes.
Fixed case CPANEL-3561: Allow .htm files in webmail.
Fixed case CPANEL-3570: CustomEventHandler cannot load non-cPanel modules.
Fixed case CPANEL-3571: Cpsrvd sends status 307 when it should send status 302.
Fixed case CPANEL-3585: Handle a user named global in php-fpm config.
Fixed case CPANEL-3591: Address javascript error in EA4 WHM UI.
Fixed case CPANEL-3596: Hide the Two-Factor Authentication options in WHM by default.
Fixed case CPANEL-3609: Glob ea-* packages correctly.