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How to Edit the /etc/exim.conf File

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  • How to Edit the /etc/exim.conf File


    This document describes the final adjustments needed to change the IP address that Exim uses to send email.

    Before you perform this procedure, you must read How to Configure Exim's Outgoing IP Address documentation.

    This document describes an unsupported workaround that is not guaranteed to work in the future.
    After you perform these steps, it is the system administrator's responsibility to manage and maintain the server's database software.
    We recommend that only experienced system administrators attempt to perform these steps.
    cPanel, Inc. is not responsible for any data loss that this procedure may cause.

    Edit the /etc/exim.conf file

    Any edits that you make directly to the /etc/exim.conf file only works temporarily, unless you also make the same edits to the /etc/exim.conf.local file. The /etc/exim.conf.local file is Eximís override file and stores Eximís default configuration. If you do not edit the /etc/exim.conf.local file when you edit the /etc/exim.conf file, the system will overwrite your changes when you update Exim.

    We strongly recommend that you use the Advanced Editor feature to make changes to your Exim configuration.

    To edit the /etc/exim.conf file, perform the following steps:

    1.Open the /etc/exim.conf file with a text editor and locate the following lines:

    1 remote_smtp:
    2 driver = smtp
    4 dkim_remote_smtp:
    5 driver = smtp

    Below each driver = smtp line, add the following line:

    connection_max_messages = 1

    The file will resemble the following example:

    1 remote_smtp:
    2 driver = smtp
    3 connection_max_messages = 1
    4 interface = ${if exists {/etc/mailips}{${lookup{$original_domain}lsearch{/etc/ma
    5 helo_data = ${if exists {/etc/mailhelo}{${lookup{$original_domain}lsearch{/etc/m
    7 dkim_remote_smtp:
    8 driver = smtp
    9 connection_max_messages = 1
    10 interface = ${if exists {/etc/mailips}{${lookup{$original_domain}lsearch{/etc/ma
    11 helo_data = ${if exists {/etc/mailhelo}{${lookup{$original_domain}lsearch{/etc/m
    12 dkim_domain = $sender_address_domain
    13 dkim_selector = default
    14 dkim_private_key = "/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/${dkim_domain}"
    15 dkim_canon = relaxed