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How to Register Private Nameservers

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  • How to Register Private Nameservers

    To use your own nameservers, you must register them with your domain name registrar. Before you register your nameservers, you must know their IP addresses. You will need one IP address for each nameserver.

    Registrar instructions

    Although similar, the registration process varies between different domain registrar providers. Below, we have compiled a list of instructions for a few prominent registrars.


    1.Click Domain Manager.
    2.Click the Change nameserver information icon next to your domain.
    3.Click the Create Nameserver link at the top of the page.
    4.Enter the name of the new domain nameserver in the available text box.
    5.Enter the IP address that corresponds to the nameserver.
    6.Click Create Nameserver.


    1.Click Select domain names.
    2.Click Register DNS.
    3.Use the Register a Nameserver Name tool in the first section of the page to create your nameserver.


    1.Under the Domains heading, click Launch.
    2.Click the domain name for which you wish to set up your nameserver.
    3.In the Settings tab, click Manage.
    4.Click Add Hostname.
    5.Enter the hostname you wish to register.
    (a.Example: ns1)
    6.Enter the IP address you wish to add to the host
    (Note:Nameservers need to be set to the same IP addresses as your domain.)
    7.Click add.
    8.Repeat this process using ns2 for the Host Name text box.

    Network Solutions:

    1.Click Manage Account, located at the top of the interface.
    2.Under the My Products & Services tab, click My Domain Names.
    3.In the More Domain Options section, click Manage Name Servers.
    4.Enter the name of the new domain nameserver in the available text box.
    5.Click Go.
    6.Enter the IP address in the text box.
    7.Click Go.
    8.Click Save Changes.

    1.Click your domain name to access the Domain Management interface.
    2.Scroll down to the Advanced Technical Settings section.
    3.Click Manage Registered Name Servers.
    4.Scroll down to REGISTER NAME SERVER.
    5.Enter the desired prefix for the DNS Server.
    (a. For example: ns1)
    6.Enter the IP Address (A Record) in the points to text box.
    7.Click Continue.


    1.Under the My Account heading, click Manage Domains.
    2.Select the domain you wish to edit.
    3.Click Nameserver Registration from the menu on the left of the interface.
    4.Select the prefix for the nameserver from the menu.
    5.Enter the IP address in the available text box.
    6.Click Add Nameservers.
    (Note:This will not automatically point your domain name to the registered nameservers. If you wish to point your domain to this nameserver, click Transfer DNS to Webhost.)

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