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    I have a dedicated server and currently receiving a large number of email alerts from the software firewall, for IP addresses attempting to access the SMTP server. Today there has been over 80 alerts so far. They originate from various different geographical regions (according the the reverse DNS in the email alerts). Is there any way to prevent these attacks, short of preventing external access to the SMTP server?

    I would really appreciate if someone helps me out with this.

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    Email Alerts

    Hello Mr.Woods,

    To prevent these attacks you can follow the below instructions,

    Enable the LF_DISTSMTP option in CSF firewall it can help to mitigate the common SMTP account to compromise attacks that use a distributed network of zombies to send . Also, you can discard the default address from cPanel,


    >> Default address, don't Accept Mail to Users Mailboxes That Don't Exist! - Default Address,By default all unrouted email will be directed to your main mailbox, where it will use disk space and resources of your account. This means that someone can send to [email protected] and you'll still receive it to [email protected] (where inbox is your Cpanel username). This is how spammers send out mass messages as well as viruses.

    A common practice between worms, viruses and spammers is to generate or create a false email address they think you'll receive.,,Also, enabled the SPF record from cPanel >> Email authentication to prevent the outgoing spam messages. Set the hourly email sending limit in between 300-500 from WHM >> Home Server Configuration Tweak Settings Max hourly emails per domain >>