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    Default Bandwidth Estimate Calculator

    **Important** - this is only a rough concept

    Often I am asked "how much bandwidth do I need?" To clear this up for some to roughly estimate bandwidth for a website I like to use the following calculation:

    ((Estimated Monthly Page Views X Average Page Size) + Downloads) x Safety Margin = Estimated Monthly Bandwidth

    ***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE*** all the units must be the same standard, I would suggest KB. At the end remember to change the units into something workable (so either GB or MB) a quick summary of conversion is as follows:

    1MB = 1024KB
    1GB = 1024MB

    A brief explanation of each item in the calculation is a follows:

    Estimated Monthly Page Views - How many pages are opened in a monthly period (total across the entire site).

    Average Page Size - exactly as it says is the average page size of viewable pages.

    Downloads - This is optional really and only applies if you have downloadable content so you estimate how many downloads and what size they will be on average.

    Safety Margin - This is always >1, this is your safety margin so you don't exceed bandwidth. I would always suggest 1.2 (20%) to 1.5 (50%).

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    Thanks for sharing this information. This information is great in terms of estimating bandwidth for a website and thereby selecting the right web hosting plan. I am sure this will be useful to everyone looking for establishing a new website.

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