Pulling a sale out of a wolf's throat
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Thread: Pulling a sale out of a wolf's throat

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    Default Pulling a sale out of a wolf's throat

    Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Austin'

    Austin: Hello Jose.

    Austin: How may I assist you today ?

    jose: hi austin

    jose: i want to cancel my vps account. would you refund me the rest of the time i paid in advance in my yearly payment?

    Austin: well.!!

    Austin: regarding cancellation and refund issue you'll have to drop an email.

    Austin: Can you please let me know your primary domain name or the email address with which you have registered with us, as per our billing records?

    jose: Last 6 months we have nothing more then trouble, virus, we lost entire websites and google rankings because of hackings and endless ours trying to fix the sites

    Austin: so that, I will let you know the exact email address where you can send us an email.

    jose: our main site is

    Austin: Yes, I got it.

    Austin: You have VPS STARTER - hosted with us correct?

    jose: yes

    jose: after having several chats with support and getting nowhere then replace backups etc we decide to move sorry. HAs been a long 3 years

    Austin: You may be or may not be aware of we not handling cancellation and refund issues over Live Chat.

    jose: Sure Austin, just let me know what to do. I appreciate your effort.

    Austin: But, once we receive your email you'll surely get a reply via same email with the required information.

    jose: i think the registered email is

    Austin: our email address is

    Austin: you need to send us an email from your registered email address which is >>

    jose: ok

    Austin: I would advice you to help us out with the problems you are facing.

    Austin: and I assure we would surely sort them out either you canceling your services hosted with us.

    jose: COuld you please confirm until what day my account is paid?

    Austin: The next renewal date is - 27/04/20102010

    jose: i am trying to sort it out with the support team, who have been alwyas 100% correct and helpful with me, but is so bad at the moment that even all the backups are infected, we will have to start over on another server as that one is obviously a big target for hackers

    jose: well in that case i'm not even bothering in asking a refund to be honest

    jose: for some reason i was thinking september, must be some other of our servers

    Austin: Jose. I can understand the situation.

    Austin: ok let me check with our Technical Dept.

    jose: strange that we have the same developers , the same scripts every thing is done in more then 10 other servers we have and only this one got this kind of problems...unfortunatly we cant rely on this service anymore

    Austin: Please could you allow me a moment?

    jose: sure

    jose: pitty, i love the prompt support al lthe times....

    Austin: Jose.

    jose: we got our main site hacked last year, a google PR 3 site wich got infected by all sort of malicious scripts. we have changed passwords, download files to local computers scan the files , digg in php to remove the scripts ... upload everything again, next day again te same thing..we did this like forever...until we have been forced to shutdown the site as was destroying company reputation next to our uk clients...

    Austin: have you emailed us regarding this issue? if yes can you please help me out with the Ticket Id?

    jose: latly we installed a crap worpress theme on it just to have something and lost all PR

    Austin: so that, I can check this issue with our VPS Team.

    Austin: when you face this problem, have you emailed us?

    jose: i am telling u that this situation comes from last year already, we took several time and resources several times to get it right but finnaly i end up abandoning this as weas causing lot of stress and killing my time to dedicate to other projects

    Austin: faced*

    jose: now we need to get back on track with the sites that are still hosted here and get them right somewhere else

    jose: CAn u please confirm that my subscription doesnt renew automaticly on the 24 of april?

    Austin: Jose..

    Austin: I can help you in this case if you don't mind.

    jose: sry..be right back ..i need to do dsomething...3 min

    Austin: what I will do is I will create a new VPS for you on new Node with new IP and we'll take care of all the migration of data from your old VPS to the new one

    Austin: how does this sounds to you?

    Austin: and that to in free of cost.

    jose: sounds like all the sites on the new vps will get infected aswell as you are migrating from this one

    Austin: As I don't want one of our Premium customer.

    Austin: leaving us.

    Austin: No I assure you won't face any problem.

    jose: Austin, i'm old...i dont get impressed with fancy labels any more to be honest.

    jose: i just want my business to work properly

    Austin: Yes so that's the reason I am taking an effort behind it

    Austin: I really want to sort out the problems you are facing since last year.

    jose: ok ..lets do 1 thing if you guys agree:

    Austin: Yes, what's that?

    jose: lets do that and see if it works for 2 months. I seriously lost much more then that in the process, and refunds doesnt really solve my problems, i dont have any problems paying for what i get.

    jose: i just dont want to come back in 2 months and see the same

    jose: by then i will pay the yearly account if all goes well.

    jose: but i need to regain the trust in the system

    jose: which i dont have now

    Austin: I assure, you won't face any problems further.

    jose: so instead of charging me in 24 april for renew you will do it in June ( you guys normally offer 2 months anyway)...

    jose: some of my wordpress blogs keep getting installed every 2 days, when i am not even touching them :/ that is how bad it is

    Austin: Well.!! we have already provided you with 2 months discount.

    Austin: and so the dates will remain same.

    jose: well i think i am with this vps for the last 4 years? stuff gets old, and when stuff gets old normally loose the atetntion, and the feeling i have is that my vps is not gettign the security measures that need to be addressed

    jose: In that case you are not really offering me any special deal are u?.. anyone seting up a new vps will get 2 monts free

    jose: in taht case guaratee me a 3 month refund period after now, because in 2 months if the S**t continues to hit the fan after we have this conersation then i will be really upset

    jose: and twitter accounts with 30k followers will be very handy

    Austin: anyone setting up for a new VPS is we offer 2 months discount.

    Austin: But this is not the policy we have started now, we've this policy since long

    Austin: and even you've being offered the same.

    Austin: so its nothing that you are the old customer and you are charged much..

    Austin: and offered no discount.

    Austin: everything is still the same, nothing has changed yet.

    Austin: So, shall I send you an email?

    jose: ye

    jose: make sure everything goes well in the process please.this is my last call

    Austin: As we would require your confirmation in regards for an new IP on a new Node

    jose: could you at lest offer me a free domain for life?

    Austin: okay.

    Austin: can I have the domain name please?

    Austin: But' please note the domain name is free to you till you host with us.

    jose: sure, then in case i leave i will have to pay it.

    Austin: No, you just have to let it expire.

    Austin: I am sorry for the delay.

    Austin: You may check your emails. I've sent you an email.

    Austin: You are being requested to kindly approve the email sent to your for us to move on to our next step.

    jose: shall i reply to that?

    Austin: Yes please.

    jose: done

    Austin: Cool..

    Austin: allow me a moment to take a quick look into it

    Chat InformationYour chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

    Austin: So shall we start migrating your sites from your old VPS to the new IP?

    jose: yes

    Austin: I would advice you to do this during weekends..

    Austin: as if you do so now you'll have to face down time of 4 to 5 hours

    jose: no worries i can live with that

    Austin: I've informed you the migration period.

    Austin: which is 4 to 5 hours.

    jose: ok

    Austin: But, it may take 24 hours for your sites to be resolved from the new server once the migration is completed.

    jose: ok

    Austin: so either doing it now, You may have this migration part done during weekends

    Austin: You may face down time of 24 to 28 hours

    jose: please do it now, the sites i am interested have actually more traffic during weekends

    Austin: after migration is completed

    Austin: alright! then..

    Austin: I will forward the email to our VPS Dept..

    Austin: they will further take care of data migration.

    Austin: is that ok with you?

    jose: yes

    Austin: is there anything else, I can assist you with?

    jose: no thanks

    Austin: Cheers..

    jose: your boss should be proud of yourself

    Austin: Yes indeed

    jose: you pull out a sale out of the wolf's throat

    Austin: If you've like the service provided by me you can log on to our Webhosting.uk.com Forum

    Austin: by using the below given Url


    Austin: and share your reviews over there for me if you want. If I've provided you with quality level of support.

    Austin: and service.

    Austin: as if you do so, that would be much appreciated and it will surely motivate me and help me to grow in future.

    Austin: I would love to see your comment

    jose: i might jsut paste the chat conversation

    Austin: Its your wish Jose

    jose: but i guess would be kinda boring for the readers

    Austin: If you've really liked the service and efforts taken by me you may surely go ahead with it.

    jose: ok will do that ... have fun.

    Austin: Thanks Jose..

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    Hi Jose,

    Thank you for this wonderful post, Austin is always excited to read such posts about him.
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