Uploading Joomla template
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Thread: Uploading Joomla template

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    Default Uploading Joomla template

    I have installed Joomla on my subdomain. I found a very impressive template on CloudAccess, unfortunately when I try to upload and install the zip file using Extension Manager, it takes an extremely long time to send it and then a message is displayed that says that there was an error while uploading. Can you help me out with this?

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    Default Installing Joomla Template

    Firstly, you have to download the zip file which you want to install. Then extract the zip file with WinZip. After you have successfully extracted your files you will have a folder name similar to which you have downloaded and it will contain 3 subfolders named PSD, HTML, and JoomlaTemplate. Now you can choose the Joomla template folder to intall the template from your control panel or Joomla administrator. Thus the template will get installed now.

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