How to install GD Library in cPanel
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Thread: How to install GD Library in cPanel

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    Default How to install GD Library in cPanel

    I am getting a error of "Check with your providers PHP/web server installation and make sure that the GD Library with freetype is supported"

    So how can I install GD Library with freetype in my cPanel WHM?

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    You can install Free Type (TTF) , it will not affect existing functions of server. You have to recompile apache and in 30 minutes it will be installed

    Follow these steps ::

    1. Login to WHM
    2. Follow the tab " Main >> Software >> EasyApache (Apache Update)"
    3. Don't make any change in first five steps

    # 1. Profile # →# 2. Apache Version# →# 3. PHP Major Version# →# 4. PHP Minor version# →# 5. Short Options List
    4. Step 6 for the PHP Exhaustive Options list, select GD and FreeType,
    5. Select "save and build the new profile."

    Hope this will help you.
    WHUK VPS Supp0rt.

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