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Our cloud server experts are available whenever YOU need them, we will never leave you high and dry.

Server Management

With our cloud server management, you can rest easy knowing our experts are taking care of your server.

Latest Technology

Our cloud patform is built around the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and hyper-visor technology for performance and reliability

FREE Migration

Moving from another host? Contact us to discuss our free migration service and let us do the hard work.

High Availability

Designed specifically for mission critical application

Our cloud platform is built from the ground up to be highly available, using hyper-converged technology allows our cloud servers to float between physical servers allowing us to offer our 100% infrastructure guarantee.

Solution Management

Tailored management to your application

All our cloud servers come with 24x7 infrastructure support, if you require solution support we offer a range of bespoke support options backed by comprehensive SLAs, perfect for mission critical applications.

Performance Storage

Low latency, high performance SSD based storage

Our high performance storage network combined with SSD storage and hyper-converged design makes our cloud perfect for applications requiring high IO throughput such as transactional databases.

Next-Generation Firewall

Security you can rely upon

By adding a Fortigate next-gen firewall to your solution you get industry leading security. Going far beyond a traditional firewall, Fortigate firewalls are designed to provide truly next generation services.

Secured by FortiGuard Labs

FortiGuard labs works tirelessly analysing attacks across the globe so as to keep every FortiGate firewall updated and protect your business against both new and emerging threats.

With 250+ staff working around the clock, FortiGuard is unique to FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls.

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    Everything you need to know...

    Fortiguard intercepts 21,000 spam emails and blocks 160,000 malicious websites per minute; this is why we have introduced fortinet to our product list, everything you need to stay protected in one place at one time.


    Fortiguard Security Services

     Application Control

    Protects against application based threats by allowing or denying usage. Protects against threats by examining network traffic.


    Protects against the latest content-level threats by deciding, and removing malicious software.

     Web Security

    Web application protection with automated updates to ensure defense against the latest application layer threats.

     IP Reputation

    Protects against centrally-managed and automated botnet attacks with up to date information about threatening sources.

     Web Filtering

    Protects against objectionable content from the internet by blocking access to inappropriate and dangerous websites.

100% Uptime SLA

We are so confident in our cloud platform that we offer a 100% infrastructure guarantee backed by our SLA for full peace of mind.

Configure your server

Migrating from another host? We make it easy.

We offer a FREE migration service for Plesk and cPanel, if you have a more complex solution call our experts on 0800 862 0890 and we will happily discuss your migration requirements.

  • What is the difference between a cloud, VPS and dedicated server?

    A dedicated server is a single physical device with fixed resources, to upgrade it requires downtime while the physical hardware is changed or migrating to a new server. One of the major downsides to a dedicated server is that the hardware has fixed increments, this means you will often pay for resources you simply do not need. A VPS is a virtual environment on a dedicated server, through hardware hypervisors multiple virtual machines (VMs) can be created with an allocation of the dedicated servers hardware. The benefit of this over a dedicated server is that it keeps the cost down and you can get resources closer to what you need. In addition to this you can expand the server with little more than a restart needed rather than lengthy downtime. A cloud server is a cluster of dedicated servers with VMs spread across them multiple times. This gives you all of the benefits of the VPS but with the assurance that a failure that may take a dedicated or VPS offline, such as disk, RAM, CPU or motherboard failure, will not take our Cloud platform offline.

  • How do I upgrade my cloud server in the future?

    If you contact our sales or billing team they will be able to advise you of the costs to upgrade whichever resource you need, be that RAM, CPU or storage space. Once any billing changes have taken effect it is little more than a restart needed for the upgrade to be applied. This can be performed at any day, any time, day or night whenever it suits you.

  • Is a virtual server any less secure than a dedicated server?

    This is a common misconception about virtualisation, our Cloud servers are just as secure as a dedicated server.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    We regret our 30 day money back guarantee is excluded from our cloud hosting platform.

  • What level of support do you offer?

    Included in the cost is 24×7 support team via phone, live chat and ticket.

  • Will I have full root or administrator access to my server?


  • Is there a minimum contract term?

    We do not believe that long contract terms are needed, as such our cloud services run on a rolling monthly contract. For more details, please read our Billing Policy.

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