XOOPS A Powerfull Content Managment System

XOOPS A Powerfull Content Managment System

Nowadays, it’s exceptionally rare for a company or even a private site owner to select a static site, even when a content management system isn’t required due to the inexpensiveness of customizing free platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or Mambo, XOOPS.

There are so many ideas and cms applications for developing business and panning a website. There are multiple people who are involved in building websites or blogs.

XOOPS can sort out your issue in a minute as it is a web application which is easy to use. Xoop is an easy to mange and use content management system platform and the back end web code is written in PHP.

The database is manged by one of the most appropriate database structure which is MySQL. Xoop is basically an object oriented language.

This feature makes it ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, corporate portals, weblogs, forums, micro-blogs and much more with ease.

Xoop is a freely distributed content management system. XOOPS is released under the terms of GPL which is also known as General Public License. The CMS which have GNU are free to use and the user have rights to modify as per his convenience.

It is free to redistribute as long as you wont go against them in terms of distribution terms of the GPL. There are few obvious choices in front of user such as WordPress, Joomla and few more. But XOOPS platform is one of the  most versatile and flexible platform.

The amount of WordPress users out there is phenomenal, which makes me think that most haven’t tried or even heard of XOOPS. But, that is my opinion, XOOPS seems to fit my needs 8 times out of ten.

What XOOPS Stands For :-

If we see the abbreviation eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System it is  XOOPS. Though  the organization  had started this as an portal system, XOOPS Hosting has gone beyond their limits with respect to Content Management System.

With the huge increase in the Web 2.0 activities the internal activity between websites and visitors has grown drastically. These big changes are not only important  to the search engines but also for the humans who create various websites, communities, blogs, forums.

XOOPS can easily manage the web framework in any range of small, medium and large websites. XOOPS also comes with many addons which are are also easy to mange as well as simple to use.

These are the real-time dynamic web content managers who can manage multiple areas. Experts says that XOOPS could be a perfect choice for developing small or large community (interactive) websites, in-house portals, corporate portals, blogs and more.

XOOPS management systems are included with every  hosting plan starting from shared hosting to our dedicated packages.

If you need a more powerful web hosting solution to cope with increasing demand, visit our homepage.


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