Windows VPS – Reasons To Implement Virtualization

Windows VPS – Reasons To Implement Virtualization


Windows VPS is a web server that is connected to the Internet; unlike a physical server that actually exists. A physical server involves high maintenance costs, a VPS is shared by others therefore the maintenance costs are reduced to a great extent.

In simple words, VPS divides a physical server into several independent servers that have the capacity to host websites individually without much interaction between them.

In case you would like to host unlimited domains and if you want complete control over the hosting environment and run your own applications, then Windows VPS is surely the right option for you. The visualization technology provides with various benefits.

There are reasons why a business should invest in it. Here is an insight on the main features of Windows VPS that makes it a complete value for money. The main features of Windows VPS include the following:

  • It saves energy and resources
  • It reduces cost
  • Provides with access to wide range of resources
  • Customization
  • You get complete access to test a lot of applications
  • The Windows VPS can be managed with remote desktop access
  • The packages can be upgraded or downgraded easily without any website downtime

Every time you develop a new software and application; it is important to test it before making it live. A Windows VPS provides you with the perfect platform to test and experiment your creations.

Higher efficiency is possible as the virtual server has its own operating system that is separate from the virtual servers. The main reason behind partitioning a physical machine into multiple virtual dedicated servers is to enable better web security.

Therefore if any application, is corrupted or has a problem, other applications continue to operate normally as they are located in different virtual servers.

This reduces the operating costs to a great extent and the number of physical servers required is also reduced. It is also possible to consolidate several virtual servers on one physical server while maintaining the perfect isolation between those virtual servers therefore security is enhanced and it is also possible to have different configurations on the physical servers. No physical server is required, thus there is a reduction in price, consumption and occupancy room.

If you consider a Dedicated Server, all this is possible with a dedicated server as well however you will have to put a new hardware for every operating system; however this is not the case with a virtual server.

When the server is partitioned into virtual servers, each server can have its own operating system. In terms of dedicated hosting, this would be a very expensive thing to do. Virtualization reduces all such costs. The web host will take care of all the hardware resources.

All you have to do is sign up for a Windows VPS and install the operating system of your choice. A virtual server is also highly portable, its like a huge file that can be copied/transferred to any other network.

This makes data backup and recovery very easy. The powerful features of the virtual server in combination with the highly efficient Windows operating system provide with a great hosting platform that ensures the smooth functioning of the website.


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