Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS)

Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS)

What is Windows SharePoint services

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) are offered on Dedicated Servers. A High end Dedicated server is recommended for the use of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) because the system requirements of WSS is huge and only a high end Dedicated server can cope up with this requirements.

Windows Share Point Services (WSS) is a collaborative application which includes a lots of features. It’s a cost-effective service used to built Web-based business applications that can scale easily to meet the changing and growing needs of your business.

It used for large business organizations to improve their productivity and people can be easily access the documents and information they need without any complications.

WSS has a collection of web applications that can be embedded into web pages to provide different SharePoint functions such as Calendaring, Workspace for Documents, Discussion boards, Contact lists,and Wikies in some custom made websites. WSS is only provided for Microsoft servers and cannot be deployed on any other O.S.

How does Windows Share Point Services help to Business Organization?

Organizations that are looking for better command and security over their private and important data, they can consider a Sharepoint service along with the Windows Dedicated servers to get all its features :-

Collaboration :- It is a recursive procedure where number of people in the organizations that work together can share share data among each other and realize the importance of shared goals.

Calendaring software :- You will get Meeting planer to plan your meeting. You can select different users whom you want to meet. It will check each user’s calendar and check if he has a free time, and than it will notify each user and update their calendars with all the  scheduled meetings and many more features. It helps you to schedule all your future work.

Revision control for documents :- Revision control which is also known as version control is the management of changes that are made in programs, documents and other information that is stored. It is generally used in developing a software, where a group of people may change some files. Changes are generally pointed out by a number or letter code, termed the “revision or version number”. So it becomes easy for someone to identify if any changes are made in the data.

Access control for documents :- Access control is a system which enables the authority and has a control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. Access control in day to day live is a common phenomenon.

Its just like using a password or some authentication to access any thing like using a PIN number to access your Bank account.Access control becomes important when a persons is looking to gain control over some secure important, confidential, or sensitive information.

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