Windows Server vs Linux Server

Windows Server vs Linux Server

Windows servers and Linux servers are offered by most web hosting companies that are looking to promote both platforms to their customers as a way of attracting a large number of customers from different backgrounds.

The two forms of server hosting available are VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting, with Linux and Windows be available for both forms of web hosting depending on the hosting companies that you choose to review.

Your choice of using a Linux server or a Windows server will be dependent on your specific requirements because choices such as the scripting language that you are using and server side applications can dictate whether you are able to use a specific operating system or not.

Further more, there are different versions of Linux and Windows available meaning that there may be compatibility issues on this level although if you use the latest version of any operation system then you shouldn’t face any issues.

If you have experience with server management then you may be more persuaded to choose a particular operating system over another as this can cut your costs by allowing you to choose unmanaged server hosting, but if you are inexperienced then you may wish to consider a fully managed server hosting service.

Benefits of Windows Server Hosting

For certain businesses, there can be many advantages to using Windows server hosting over Linux server hosting, although how applicable these will be will be dependent on your exact requirements. The main benefits include:

  • Classic ASP and ASP.NET hosting – if you are a Windows web developer who develops websites using either ASP framework then you will find that a Windows dedicated server is the only form of server hosting service, apart from a Windows VPS server, that will be capable of supporting your websites – classic ASP and ASP.NET have been developed by Microsoft meaning that web pages and scripts created using either technology can only be hosted on Windows web hosting services and you will find that either scripting language will be able to provide you with advanced interaction with the Windows platform
  • Microsoft SQL Server hosting – this is one of the most scalable database server applications available and is used by many big businesses both as the backend for their websites but also to power any internal applications that they may be using based on the Windows platform – a Windows dedicated server will allow a business to make the most of the features offered by Microsoft SQL Server, allowing them to develop highly useable Windows web applications as well as desktop applications that can use a reliable database backend
  • Intuitive GUI – if you choose to use a Windows server then you will be able to manage your server using the common Windows GUI, making things slightly easier for you – if you are an experienced Windows server manager then you will find the interface very intuitive and will know your way around the operating system and even new users will find it easy to navigate their way around the operating system.

Benefits of Linux Server Hosting

Linux server hosting is a cheaper option for businesses and individuals that don’t want to stretch their budgets too far. A Linux server hosting service will be able to provide you with many benefits including:

  • Cheap server hosting – Linux as an operating system can provide you with a highly affordable server hosting service because the operating system is open source, meaning that you will never need to pay a license fee for any Linux distribution that you choose to use – this makes Linux server hosting ideal for individuals who require a dedicated server hosting environment because the extra costs associated with using a Windows server may put some off from server hosting altogether, but a Linux server will normally be more than capable of meeting most users needs – it is important to note that it is always a good idea to shop around as there will always be a cheaper Linux server hosting package available somewhere, but you want to be sure that you’re going to receive a good level of service
  • Reliable server hosting – Linux is also seen as a more reliable operating system than the Windows platform, making it ideal for businesses that rely on their websites to provide them with revenue because in such a situation downtime will normally cost you money – the resources provided by dedicated server hosting combined with the reliability of an operating system such as Linux means that businesses will no longer need to worry about whether their website is going to be accessible or not or if they are gong to be losing money because they can be sure that their chosen web hosting service will continue to serve their website and in-turn generate revenue for them
  • Wide variety of services and applications – there are a number of different applications and services available for Linux like there is for Windows, all of which have been designed for different purposes – however, the different with most applications and services available for Linux is that they are also open source meaning that as well as paying nothing for the operating system, you won’t need to pay any additional license fees to use any software that you may need on your server to guarantee that it functions in the way that you want it to so that you can use it for its intended purpose.

In conclusion, Windows servers and Linux servers both have their benefits and are aimed at different target audiences, with Linux servers being more suited to individuals and businesses with smaller budgets whilst Windows servers are aimed at big businesses that have a specific need for Windows because of their use of Microsoft technologies.

Although Windows servers will always be more expensive than Linux servers of a similar specification, for businesses that rely on Windows technologies to help them generate revenue the extra cost is justifiable and this helps to keep the business of Windows server hosting alive.

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