Why WordPress is So Popular

Why WordPress is So Popular

WordPress as a best cms for the developers, web designers and blogger is one of the most exclusive application worldwide. WordPress which is a open source content management system which can be downloaded from the internet,just a click away.

With WordPress the best part of it is “free of cost”. It also provides you with one of the most innovative and contemporary publishing platform which focuses on all web principles and usability. WordPress is a popular choice for website development. WordPress makes it absurdly simple.

WordPress has excellent maintenance and security tools, keeping up with your WP installation on a daily or weekly basis should not take more than a few minutes at a time. WordPress Hosting rocks for providing an easily accessible web hosting platform to the user. The post will provide you with the top advantages of using WordPress.

Multiple Reason Why WordPress is So Popular


The importance of using WordPress in a blog or website, the WordPress CMS platform for  any online user is very good with simple GUI. You can run a blog for any purpose as a personal blog or a company blog but if you run your blog for online money making with your blog then you should consider using some of features of WordPress hosting services to make it more accessible more users friendly.

In this post you will learn how you can make your WordPress blog user friendly. It provides the web designers with convenient and simple applications which they feel quite comfortable to use and this makes it user friendly for its users. You do not require any technical skills to use it.


The first thing which comes with the mind while starting a website or taking a website hosting packages is its cost. One of the most commonly asked query but important feature of using WordPress for developing your website.

As you can directly download it from the internet and that too free of cost therefore, it doesn’t cost you that much in comparison to other content management systems.


An online business must be Search Engine Friendly to be visible to the visitors. One of the major factor are the HTML coding you are using in your website. WordPress also makes it easier to optimize your search engine results.

That means the website is more possibility to get on the first page of Google results, which defiantly improves the possibility of getting more visitors and more you get visitors which can maximize profit.


Installing WordPress is one of the most simplest process a client had ever executed. It also easy too manage. A user just have to click on the WordPress link to install WordPress on your web hosting platform.


Automatic Up-gradation is accessible in WordPress which is very easy. A user don’t need to upgrade WordPress again and again because it automatically upgrades. There is a manual update option available too with in.

The advantage of automatic up gradation this is whenever a new version of WordPress is launched you need not go through the WordPress upgrade every time, it is automatically done without requiring any manual process. WordPress keeps a backup so there is absolutely no need to do that for your blogs.


With the WordPress unique web design themes, if there is a specific functionality you want your blog to perform. There are web programmer available who can make the WordPress Plug-ins that way in which you would like to do with in the website.

There are nearly 7,500 WordPress Plug-ins on the WordPress.org website and thousands more that are not in the WordPress database which can help any of the website owner for improving website functionality.


It provides a user with variety of add on features that are available as plug-ins and widgets online. Many designs and layouts are readily available as free or premium themes. These can also be changed or altered to suit your needs.


WordPress keeps backup of your blog. One important thing to remember though, you definitely need a database backup plugin now. There are plenty of database backup plugins you can use for your website. It no longer takes you through the steps for backup during the upgrade.

It works very well, simple to use, and have used it myself to restore lost or corrupt databases with 100% success. This plugin also has automatic backup, which I highly recommend taking the few seconds to set to backups your blogs.

Reason 9:- NO SPAMS

This is last but not the least benefit of using WordPress Hosting that there is no issue of spamming in WordPress. A spam comment on websites, forums etc which are automatically posted with in the blogs, by automated bots, scripts or software.

Some people use scripts and automated bots to target high traffic websites for posting comments. Typically, a spam comment is full of irrelevant keywords and hyperlinks and does not care about the discussion or article where the comment is posted. Pre installed Akismet helps in blocking spam in the background.

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