Why VMWare Cloud?

Why VMWare Cloud?

VMWare cloud hosting is designed to provide the next level of virtual server hosting, targeted at large companies with mission critical applications that provide them with the resources required to fulfill their core business activities.

Whilst other cloud services provide you with a platform on which you can host a virtually limitless number of virtual machines with a good level of performance and reliability, the VMWare cloud aims to beat this through the incorporation of SSD-based storage for superior storage performance and an industry-leading 100% uptime guarantee.

Here we have arranged some of the reasons why we think you should choose the VMWare cloud. As a high performance platform, the VMWare cloud can provide you with the resources that allow you to move your most critical applications away from costly physical infrastructure into a cloud environment that will help you to realize cost savings whilst improving the level of service and uptime that you receive.

Hyperconverged enterprise cloud design

What makes our VMWare cloud different from the rest is our implementation of hyperconverged cloud design, the latest iteration of cloud design for large corporations. With a hyperconverged architecture, we are able to guard against anything that could impact your service, ranging from single hard disk failure all the way up to the failure of an entire server.

You’re probably wondering how your virtual machines will be able to survive a complete server failure, well this is down to the VMWare software that powers the cloud. In a hyperconverged environment, virtual machines are transportable across cloud nodes so that when a server fails, the virtual machines that it has responsibility for will be moved to an operational server automatically and in such a short amount of time that no downtime will be incurred.

Hyperconvergence also provides additional benefits for private clouds. Where previously downtime may need to have been scheduled in order for additional hardware to be added to the cloud, hyperconvergence provides an elastic infrastructure that can be scaled as business demands dictate. This provides room to add extra capacity without impacting on performance or uptime. It also applies to individual virtual machines as well, where resources can be added and removed as the load on the VM fluctuates

Reliability at the core

The VMWare cloud is designed for the cloud hosting of the most mission critical applications for the biggest of corporations. In the event that these applications were to crash the impact on a business could be devastating, which is why it is important for these services to be hosted on a platform that demands reliability as a core principle. Our VMWare cloud is provided with a 100% uptime guarantee so that you can be confident your mission critical applications will always be accessible. We use a number of methods to support this uptime guarantee and the success of your business through a variety of methods including:

1) A cluster of servers powers the VMWare cloud with each server available to assume the role of another server if failure occurs; we generally operate our clouds with 30% spare capacity so that when failure does occur, normal service can continue whilst the issue is rectified

2) Single points of failure have been eliminated so that equipment is always able to access power regardless if the primary supply fails, whilst traffic can follow alternate routes to servers if the primary route fails

3) N+1 redundancy complements the elimination of single of points of failure and introduces the guarantee of normal service even when vital equipment; the N+1 arrangement means that for every piece of hardware the cloud, there is an identical replacement available for use if the primary piece of equipment fails.

Complete control of cost

Whilst the economy is growing and businesses are facing a more certain future, it still makes good practice to keep costs under control where possible. With VMWare cloud, you are able to see exactly how much you are going to be paying for a virtual machine in our public cloud and can reduce the cost if necessary by altering resource allocations.

Similarly with a VMWare private cloud you also have complete control of cost; rather than focusing on the VM-level, in the private cloud you only need to install as many hypervisors as you need. If the need for additional capacity arises in the future then additional machines can be added without issue.


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