Why Hosting on Dedicated Servers is Better than Cheap Hosting

Why Hosting on Dedicated Servers is Better than Cheap Hosting

There has always been a discussion in terms of various web hosting platforms. Among all the hosting types, dedicated server hosting and cheap web hosting are considered as two most crucial web hosting platforms and there are instances when both these hosting packages are used by countless customers at the same time.

As everyone has different opinions, there are people who believe that cheap web hosting is a better hosting option as compared to any other hosting platform as it is more affordable, easily manageable and efficient whereas a lot of people assume that dedicated server hosting platform in terms of scalability and reliability.

Both schools of thought are correct in their own place but generally, if you give this a serious thought; you will want to take different aspects into consideration like business hosting requirements, business expansion and the applications to be used. Even if your business website is just launched, dedicated server hosting can prove to be the most efficient hosting platform. How is that? Here is an insight on why hosting on dedicated servers is better than cheap hosting.

Dedicated sever hosting dedicates all the resources of the server on one single website or account. People who want to host their big budget business websites prefer dedicated server hosting as there is a scope of expansion as well. Intensive websites that attract enormous volumes of traffic cannot get all the resources through cheap web hosting packages.

If you are looking forward to provide your customers with a stable performance, complete uptime and quick access then dedicated hosting is the most suitable hosting platform. As a dedicated server is not shared with any other website, better performance is guaranteed and higher efficiency is guaranteed with the website.

The best thing about dedicated server hosting is that it enhances the reliability of the website, the website is always up and irrespective of the traffic coming to it there is no slowing down in the speed of the website. Security is one of the main reasons why people prefer dedicated server hosting. Today, lot of business owners are concerned about the security of the website.

A dedicated server enables the business owners to monitor the access to the server and this helps them to reinforce the security. Another reason that makes dedicated servers popular is that the programs can be customized in accordance with the business requirements. Moreover dedicated server hosting is a secure and safe option as since it avoids all sorts of spam and virus issues.

In order to create a good web presence, a good Google ranking is the most essential aspect. This is crucial for ensuring the web presence. Combine the power of a Dell dedicated server along with the super fast network and the amazing customer experience. This combination will make your brand popular among the customers and they will surely spread a word across.

As a result of the resources provided with dedicated server hosting, your websites and applications will load much faster, this giving you a reason to feel quietly proud of. Most importantly, Google will love your website. Google has always rewarded high performance sites with more traffic, better rankings and lower cost; and this can be achieved in the best possible way through dedicated server hosting.

When it comes to cheap web hosting, there are limitations, restrictions, and threats. Lot of websites share the same server which can be a reason for the load caused on the servers. It is essential to think about the long term when it comes to the selection of the web hosting platform.

If you have just started your business website, cheap web hosting may seem like a suitable hosting option; however in the long run dedicated server hosting would be the best hosting platform as it will complement the business growth. With dedicated server hosting your website will be able to survive the highest traffic spikes and therefore you can provide your customers with a great experience on your website.

With the perfect combination of a fast website and good customer service, you will be able to achieve a better position by dominating the competition. Cheap web hosting is good; however it does come with a risk of low performance of the website during the high traffic times. The investment involved in dedicated servers is justified by the hosting resources and customization provided. Therefore it is a wise decision to opt for dedicated server hosting instead of cheap hosting options.


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